Alouettes vs Winnipeg

Another close game; Blue Bombers Defense is not too shabby and playing well. The ground game should pay dividends for both Whitaker/Simpson. Calvillo/Brink both determined QB’s - thus I like the serious expressions that Brink shows.

Huge game, especially for the Bombers.

I like the Bombers with their new version of the triple threat attack Brink, Simpson, and Watson. Brink is getting better and better with his decisions he just needed the full weeks of practice with the first Unit. I can see Brink taking off without hesitation as some run lanes open up somehting pierce never did. Watson was his go to guy and also did some great blocking down on ends and LBs so guys could get yardage after the catch in the flats and Simpson is a pro style RB hits that hole between the tackles keeps the legs moving always falling forward for first down yardage. Its his third game and also his second full week of practice.
The Als coulda used their bye this week as Calvillo has taken a lot of hits. That shoulder does not appear to be getting any better. I do not know who is back from injury for the Bombers but they have a really gud D backfield when everyone healthy Logan coming back at safety would really be a help with the Als passing attack

I said this in another thread, but I'm really liking Simpson. He reminds me of Charlie Roberts the way he breaks runs when you think there is nothing. Now that he's had his practice time with the 1st unit, I'm looking forward to how he does this game. I'm predicting his first 100 yard CFL game.

Montreal is pretty good against the run, I would predict more of a Watson or Edwards 100 yards + receiving.

Since Simpson and now Watson has returned the Bombers seem to have a lot more confidence and they have both played great. Along with Brink at QB, although some may disagree, also adds team confidence as they are confident that they at least have a QB who can run the offense with confidence and authority in the Huddle. More importantly a QB that will finish the game.

for the Als too.

Not hoping for it but the last few times the bombers and als have faced off, the bombers "injure" calvillo and with rumors of him being pretty banged up, i think he may not finish the game tomorrow night. Just seems to happen when winnipeg and montreal play at times, Calvillo gets hurt, sometimes like last time he stays out for 10 minutes, others hes done for the game or a couple weeks like last season when willis sacked him and calvillo landed on the ball weird.

Heffney has made it no secret that the Bomber D will be putting as much pressure on Callivillo as possible which would mean a lot of Blitzing hoping they ca get to him before he can get rid of the ball to a receiver in the man to man coverage. A very bold move by the Bombers showing that they have gained alot of confidence over the past few games.
I know it sounds crazy against Montreal but the Bombers smell blood and will take some chances on defense as I said bringing guys from every where to blitz and leave the DBs in one on one coverage.
Montreal has no other way to score as their special teams return game is awful along with their coverage teams and Whyte has not been punting well at all.
I really think the Bombers will shock the Als and everyone else. By blitzing alot that will keep lavoi in to block as the secret is out about the FB/TE and his offensive skills.
I just got that feeling too like Calavillo may have trouble finishng this one. The Als seem to be just hanging on with him hoping he gets into the Bye week without getting serously injured, He has taken a ton of hits and was very slow getting up quite a few times against Toronto.
The Als under trestman have never been in this position before where things were going soo bad on Defense and they always were able to get away with less than avg sp teams.

I am really excited to see the game tomorrow night and see how it unfolds

not surprising really. AC is a pocket passer with limited mobility. And with the Als O line struggling so far, why not bring the heat?!

Calvillo dissected Winnipeg the last time the two teams met. It's only normal for Winnipeg's defense to be giving this game their full attention. We'll see what happens if Hefney is actually correct and not just running his mouth / playing mind games. Burke has never been a big blitzer, ever, going back to his days in Montreal. He likes what he likes: four or five-man fronts that allow him to double-cover receivers in man or have certain DBs or linebackers shading certain zones. If Winnipeg can get pressure rushing just four, it will be a long night for Calvillo, but if they can only bring heat on the blitz, it's high reward but also high risk. You make a mistake down field in coverage and it's a big big gain.

You are right it could be heffney running his mouth but they do need to get pressure on AC Im not sure that 4 will get it done but who knows. the bombers are gaining confidence especially at home and besides Monteal’s offense they are not getting any big plays fro D or sp teams and im not sure how many more hits AC is going to be able to take.
I am going to be very interested to see wht they do on defense

It will be very close to another sellout and the crowds are extra fired on Friday nights. Will be a great atmosphere!

...Well we know it's going to be loud :thup: :thup: I just hope the weather co-operates...Calling for showers...Could be a few turnovers in this one AND it should be close :thup:

Ah wet hyped up sellout at final season at Canada Inns. sounds very exciting !!!!!!
Nothing against the Als ut just thing the Bombers are readdy to hit on all cylinders tonight with the Offense in place now for two weeks with both weeks full week to prepare. Montreal has some glaring weaknesses the bombers had time to game plan for them. Where as with the starting receiverrs in place along with Simpson and Brink theyare getting stronger and confident. The defense knows it will not be on the field every 2 minutes witha string of two and outs and the Als poor special teams has to have bombers return and coverage teams ready to pounce. The Als D did look better the second half but there special teams have been bad for years now. Throwing the rookie import RB oncoverage teams will bring a lot of energy as practicing for a month after being a four year starter in college must have him chomping at the bit to gein there and play some live game action.
With Washington starting at HB look for Javon Jonson to return punts. They will e going all out to exploit thos weak coverage teams of montreal so placing simpson bck on KO with Wasington will really throw the als SP T

I hate these late start times when there's only one game. I'm ready for some football! :smiley: I'll be cheering for the Als because I hate the Bombers. :stuck_out_tongue:

My heart says WINNIPEG , because that is better for Hamilton and Toronto but my head says Montreal , in a walk.
Montreal are not as good as last year so far but they are still a good team.

However , those LOUD [and a full stadium] Winnipeg fans could be a big factor. :thup:

That is why we play the games.

I can't argue with those.

Bigger game for Winnipeg. They lose this, they are in a big hole.

Als get on the board first with a rouge. Woot! :smiley: