Alouettes vs Toronto

Don't forget the Quinoa
Diet's played a big part of AC's rejuvenation regime
and I decided to follow his example

[url=] ... =foodspice[/url]

discipline is involved with ACS. training.....didn't think a poster was attributed to ACS' success :lol:

Seiously though ...i wonder if Calvillo will slow down after he attains certain records......Reallllly can't see it...but i'm hoping :lol:

Somehow, it just won't seem right not seeing Jamel in the lineup. I'm sure all our guys will put in a good game, but this is really the time for the Londons, Greens, Bowlings (if he's dressed), and, yes, Deslauriers to show us what they have. If Rodriguez gets a chance to play, I hope he will understand that he needs to show some "urgency" in his game. I'm sure that Jamel is disappointed that he won't be on the receving end of the 395th record-setting TD pass.

I know it was a short practise week, and I hope our guys prepared well. I agree that the running game will likely figure into the mix as well. I have confidence in AC, Trestman and the coaching staff, but I am always a little apprehensive on game day; you never take the opposing team for granted!

I hope we go for a "classic" Als win (i.e. - a big score!), but I will settle for a W.

Go Als go!!!!

I think the only change you will see is the Als not going deep as often. The cohesion for those type plays probably isn’t going to be there and the front four of Toronto is really dangerous, so is this Kuale guy. I think he’s going to be a great CFL’er. I think the als will play a ball control game and play real fast. I’m thining 24 to 11 or something like that.

Another !@#$%^&* ST TD against us - again! I think someone needs to be fired!

Glad for Deslauriers on the 395th. But Eric, if you have any serious intentions of staying in the starting lineup, you have to pull down tosses like that!

...and so he did

He had that pass in his hands, and nobody was close to him. He has to catch that ball. Soft and nonchalant, the same old from Deslauriers.

Agreed, Gab. One good one, then a drop. True, it was behind him but the Cahoons, Greens, Richardsons, Brattons... can pull those down. Eric, this is yours to lose!

Such a nice night for football.

Stadium looks amazing.


Well, boys and girls, it looks like the game plan for the O-team may be long Als drives resulting in scores, wearing the Argos' D down. I'd love a blowout, but will gladly settle for a W!

C'mon, guys, let's get it done!

Gotta the ball and get them outta their game plan
Open up some receivers
Nice on Whitaker against the 3-4

Did Cahoon not mention Calvillo in his speech?

Way to go Chip! Way to go D!!! Well, sometimes you get it done on O, sometimes on D. Either way, fine by me!!!

Gotta blow my own horn for a second

Called it...

Argos dropped their D
Kept Calvillo in Nickle and Dime mode

The problem was...the 3-4
Big mistake thinking the Alouettes couldn't run the ball

Apparently they misjudged Whitaker
Even more than I did

Great to see this Alouettes team
Show great balance when they needed it
They dismantled what previously looked like a great defence

Not altogether surprised how the D handled Lemon and Co.
Lemon couldn't throw his way out of a glass house
The Argos better start hoping Jyles can get healthy
REAL soon

And then there's Chip Cox
Man what a nose for the ball!!!

I hate to say I told you so but, I told you so! Even when the Argos were within 6 points, I just got the sense that the Als were never in trouble and could turn it on at any time and crush the obviously inferior team…which is in fact what happened! This is an AWESOME team…By FAR the best I have seen thus far in 2011!

Now THAT'S the Chip Cox I've been waiting to see! :twisted:

Strange to say, but the final score flattered the Argonauts. Take away those ST gaffes and one or two broken plays on defense (was it Ferri or Estelle who blew the coverage on Hacket's long TD?) and this game is probably 40-0 Als. Toronto's offense is not pro quality and quite frankly an embarrassment to the CFL.

Maybe this is the game that will finally quash all the Avon talk once and for all. Whitaker was a beast in just about every aspect and is an early frontrunner for offensive player of the week in my book. have every reason you say it
But I'm sure most everyone I've talked to...expected Calvillo to air it out all night and dominate that way.
I'm assuming of course...but I expect it's true.
Anyone who claims they knew that Brandon Whitaker would single-handedly dismantle the Argos is probably blowing smoke. I mentioned (somewhere around here) Cobourne's East Final incredible performance both because I believed the Argos would succeed in limiting the passing game (especially with our star receivers out) and because I simply had no idea Whitaker had this kind of game in him.

Now that he's proven himself....or continued to prove can safely say that this is one of the most potent, and potentially best balanced offences the Alouettes have fielded in a loooong time. I'm not knocking Cobourne here...but considering the continued growth of a Brandon London, the domination of a Richardson, the impending return of a Watkins and Calvillo's dominant performances...well I'm a bit overwhelmed.

The defence had a great game...but to be fair...Lemon is unfortunately, but increasingly appropriately named.
So we'll see what the D can do against a real offence.
And special teams are an eyesore...all across the board.

But yah...the Alouettes showed me something tonight
And I stand corrected.