Alouettes vs Tiger Cats

See what happens tommorow in the first of the double header games. Ivor Wynne will be rockin for sure.

This is the best game on Labour Day.

And next weekend the Banjo Bowl if I am not mistaken should be good as well as the rematch of this game.

After all that waiting around in August, there's more football next weekend than I can take between all the CFL, NFL, Rugby World Cup, and some European soccer.

Good to see Otis Floyd. Well lets get it on
One Of These Days Montreal is going to cut the Cats D into little pieces...Today...Show It To Me - Go Als :rockin:

Holy hell! :o

Porter never dissapoints on 3rd and 1 and/or inches.

Incredible catch by Mann to not let it touch the field. Just like that the Cats respond. Wow. :lol:

Hamilton put a good drive together after the fumble Tiger Cats TD 7-7

It's a good sign for the Ti-Cats. In the past, a horrible early gaffe like that signaled that this was going to be a looong day for the Ticat faithful. To drive for a TD and then force the Als into a 2 and out, signals quite the change in this team.

And as I say this, a bobbled snap forces a punt...

Good blocking on the return, and a good block and good move on the first catch of the drive. Just a shame they have to settle for 3.

Whyte fieldgoal and is now with in 5 of Daves record 10-7 Als

He's lucky he didn't pick up his eyeballs? Dude makes some of the most asinine comments I've ever heard.

Great, now Forde's gonna start in with the Mo Mann crap. Good TD, terrible nickname.

Hamilton is putting the push on, we'll see how Montreal responds....Tiger Cat TD now lead 14-10

Well his name is Maurice Mann, I even his parents call him Mo...

Dominating first quarter for Hamilton, yet only leading by 4...

Big run up the middle by Cobourne
Setting up the Mann TD

Anyone missing Eric Wilson yet?

Anyone else think of a dog urinating when Black said, "That'll bring up the left leg of Justin Medlock." :lol:

Montreal is fortunate to only be down 17-10 I say. Lots of Football left in an interesting game.

I'm feeling good about this game.....

I hope I'll be sayin that for the next game at McMahon later.