Alouettes vs Stampeders - Stampeders vs Alouettes

Voici les deux semaines que tous les amateurs de football canadien attendaient depuis des semaines : l'aller-retour des Alouettes contre les Stampeders.

Ça risque d'être très intéressant parce que les deux équipes ont des choses à se faire pardonner. Premièrement, leur difficile performance défensive de la fin de semaine dernière. Chacune de ces équipes affrontera un adversaire qui peut exploser en attaque, alors le jeu défensif deviendra primordial. La confrontation Burke-Jones sera sans doute le point principal, puisque les deux meilleurs défensives s'affronteront sur le terrain deux fois de suite.

Ensuite, Burris va tout faire pour venger son affront de s'être fait sortir du match. Il va vouloir faire brûler la zone rouge. Burris a les atouts pour battre les Alouettes sur les longs gains aériens : ses receveurs sont rapides et grands. Ils devront cependant penser à attraper le ballon avant de courir, ce qui leur a fait défaut contre les Lions.

D'autre part, les Alouettes ont gagné malgré une performance assez ordinaire en défense. N'eût été de la piètre performance des zèbres, ce match n'aurait peut-être pas été le leur. Ça compense un peu pour celui qu'ils leur ont volé l'an dernier à Vancouver. La couverture contre la passe devra être beaucoup plus serrée. Il faudra bien cerner Burris pour qu'il n'ait pas le temps de faire ses lectures ni de faire les jeux au sol. Également, il faudra contenir Joffrey Reynolds. Ce gars-là est incroyable. Quand il se fait barrer le chemin par trois adversaires, il réussit à gagner 4 verges de plus juste en poussant sur le tas.

J'ai bien aimé voir Bratton jouer à sa pleine mesure. On a vu qu'il est remis de sa commotion, et qu'il peut faire le gros jeu quand ça compte vraiment. C'est un gars qui peut se révéler sous la pression, au lieu d'écraser. Les Alouettes vont avoir besoin d'une solide contribution des receveurs, surtout dans la zone payante.

En terminant, de la façon dont les Stampeders se sont faits courrir dessus, on pourrait se servir de Cobourne un peu plus. J'ai l'impression qu'il commence à débloquer.

Radio Canada is reporting - Im sure the others will also have it - that Watkins will miss 2 games, Maypray will replace him on the roster, and Trestman says Hawkins will be seeing more action. Bratton did a super job replacing Watkins at short side wide receiver against Winn., with probably no practice reps at the position. I have to admit he had a better weekend than Owens who dropped an easy pass in the Argos-Esks game. I would like to see Maypray resume his returner role, as he is a north-south runner, something that Hawkins has to leaern to be. The jury is still out on Vann, but he certainly merits a further look. I dont know if it is lack of experience/confidence or the way Renaud was kicking, but you constantly saw the ball bouncing in front of the returners, rather than seeing them catch the ball on the fly.
Chris Jones has been showing some mad scientist defensive fronts lately, but I think Calgary can be run on using both Cobourne and Hawkins.
And defensively, they obviously have to keep Burris in the pocket and make him uncomfortable by coming at him in different blitz packages.

Bratton should be a good replacement for Watkins, although we are going to miss Kerry, no question.

I am very excited to see Hawkins drawing in as the fifth receiver who stays close to the LOS for crosses, sweeps, end-arounds, and curls. Though Hawkins has less size and muscle mass than Bratton, he's got better top speed and acceleration, which should prove useful when he has to get around the corner on running plays.

I wonder if Watkins's absence means more of S.J. Green? He seems to swap with Cahoon right now at the short-side slot position, but I'd love to see us use his size and hands to test cornerbacks one on one on deep routes. We had lots of success against Winnipeg using him on corners; put him on the same side as Cahoon against match coverage and you might see some busted coverages resulting in either big gains for Green or intermediate possession-size gains for Cahoon underneath.

I'd also like to see the Alouettes use Hawkins as a deep threat. If you watch db's covering Hawkins, they give him a pretty big cushion....they're scared all right. Alternating some short and intermediate routes with some long passes might bust Hawkins for some big gainers.

I know McPherson has been more likely to use Hawkins in this doubt because they've developed a "second-team" rapport...but despite his size I think Hawkins' flat out speed and "deek-ability" makes him an even better deep threat than Richardson or Green.
No doubt Calvillo has been working on a play or two along these lines.

Watkins va nous manquer contre Calgary, et je n'enlève ici aucun crédit à Bratton et Hawkins.

Watkins est rapide et tout de même assez grand à presque six pieds. Avec Richardson, Watkins et Green, les Alouettes auraient plus de grandes cibles à confronter contre Browner (6'3"), Collins (6'1"), Fraser (6'1"), Isaac (6'2") et Lysac (6'1").

À respectivement 5'10" et 5'8", Bratton et Hawkins auraient besoin de beaucoup de vitesse pour se retrouver à découvert à côté de ces gars-là. Bratton a montré plus d'une fois qu'il peut faire des gros jeux quand ça compte. Hawkins semble s'améliorer à chaque partie. Mais dans cette confrontation, il semble que Richardson et Green ont plus le gabarit pour confronter grands du champ arrière de la défensive de Calgary.

Après avoir vu ce qu'a fait Jamal Robertson, il me semble qu'on pourrait utiliser Carter et Cobourne au sol et en courte passe. Mais il ne faut pas compter qu'on verra les Stampeders des deux dernières semaines. Ils forment une très bonne équipe et vont rebondir. Les Alouettes devront être prêts.

I see what you mean, but IMO Hawkins's lack of size is going to limit how consistently effective he can be on deep routes, particularly as we head into a B2B against a team like Calgary with a big, physical secondary. I think mixing in the occasional deep route would work well because we then increase the chances of getting Andrew open in space through a blown coverage or him getting a step on the defensive back. I thought Bratton functioned effectively in that role last year; he usually played close to the LOS, but every once in a while he'd motion into a wheel route that seemed to catch the defense napping and Anthony would find him for a big gain or a TD.

Any news on Jamel?

Not that I know of, but judging from how he was standing on the sidelines after the hit, I wouldn't think he'd miss any game time.

Off topic, im watching the show Pawn Stars on History channel filmed in Las Vegas. They showed a display case with some sports rings in it. And what do I see? A 2002 Alouettes Grey Cup ring. I wonder who's it could of been.

I'm not saying Hawkins isn't small for the role. But the few times he's been hit for long balls and touchdowns he's been pretty wide open.

It's not talked about much, but the ability to "geek" a defender is a receiver's greatest asset...and here I'm speaking from experience. While all our receivers have the ability, I have rarely seen someone as gifted as Hawkins...going back to Johnny Rodgers...and I don't make the comparison lightly. The combination of this "deek-ability" and his flat out speed makes him a formidable deep threat....size or no size. And if you can "deek" yourself open, you're not going to need to be a Richardson to get to the ball.

After all, Arland Bruce III at 5'10" is not much bigger and we all know what fear he can inspire....and at 5'11" Watkins himself is known as a "smallish" receiver. Watkins is out for a few weeks. Thank God we have the weapons to replace him.


La grosse différence entre Hawkins et le Turd, c'est 30 livres de plus pour le Turd.

C'est vrai que Hawkins trouve souvent le moyen de se démarquer, mais il est souvent le gars oublié. Les joueurs adverses regardent surtout Richardson, Green, Watkins et Cahoon, alors quand Hawkins est sur le terrain, il passe un peu inaperçu à côté de ces gars-là. Ça lui donne un avantage.

Maintenant, est-ce qu'il pourra autant profiter de cet avantage si Watkins n'est pas sur le terrain? Avec les jeux que Bratton a réussis vendredi dernier, je crois que oui. Beaucoup d'yeux seront tournés vers Bratton et Hawkins pourrait être le gars oublié.

Au fait, qu'arrive-t-il avec notre gars oublié numéro 1, Carter?

Off topic:

Wild Guess: Lawrence Phillips since he already pawn his BIG 8 champ ring, wouldn't be surprised if he did the same with his 2002 Als ring...

Anyone want to call Gold & Silver Pawn Shop (702) 385-7912 :wink:

Back to topic now...:slight_smile:

LeStaf noted lagrosse differance entra Watkins and le turd! Do the Als have a player whose name is LaTurde. I doubt it as in english La Turd means a piece of shit. Any explanations ?

the xxxx starts with the letter s!

I think he was referring to a certain whiny little princess with the numeral 'III' behind his name in Hamilton. :lol:

Could be- I would note the words to describe him as " pompous, haughty, grandiose, grandiloquent or perhaps just overbearing".

To be serious, I really found the above posts contained some very wise thoughts on making due without our best receiver. I like Hawkins long and posts re Bratton's good abilities. I also believe we should return to Maypray on kick returns perhaps backed up on occasion by Ferri or Cox. Other than Ferri's one great return, the team has not looked good on this position.

C'mon dude

The coaching staff must think pretty highly of Leroy Vann to put him in on such short notice.
Give the guy a break...maybe judge him after 3-4 games...not one wild barn-burner in the Peg.

Maypray is 9th in punt return average. In an 8 team league...that's REALLY under-achieving.
Have some patience with the new guy...the old "new guy" just wasn't cutting it.

Well, I can see your point here, but I think we need to give Vann a chance before we judge. He played one game and showed some good things, despite struggling overall. Our general problem is that our punt-return blocking is abominable. The KR fields a punt and there are 3-4 enemy jerseys on him before he can make a move or accelerate.

I am not sure any returner would be massively successful. We don't have a ST coach, our practices are half spent on a bus and Duval is hot and cold and the team's best ST tackler has been stabbed... It will be very challenging for our guys to repeat because of this and its too bad as most of it is self-inflicted because of mistakes that have nothing to do with the players.