Looks like the weather's cleared up for the time being.

good job by the refs to not whistle-down the fumble return too early as they usually do.

let the play continue then let the replay sort things out!..i hate when they whistle it dead, negating a fumble return for a TD

i dont agree with the final call there...he had control for a moment.

oh well..still early.

hard to decide who i want to cheer for this game.

The Riders stopped chasing - when the ground pops the ball out it was clearly going to be incomplete or a fumble at that spot but ruled dead by ground contact.

The challenge made the right call - but man don't like the new rule regarding punts this year. Didn't know that it MUST be at the 20 yard line or better other wise a 10yrd penalty and rekick. I like special teams being able to pin a deep deep :frowning:

If it is inside the 20, no penalty. I like the rule.

I couldn't tell if the ball came out during contact with the ground. If it did, like the ref said, then it's the right call.

Excellent play by Hunt on the INT

hmm thats the third helmet first tackle... thought they were going to watch that? So much for the league cracking down on head shots

i love watching these 2 teams, and i love watching them go at eachother...excellent game so far..riders pressuring!!!

yah riders looking good and although down by 2 - Durant sure looks good for a rookie. If he keeps playing like this I doubt Crandall will start again.

Terrible call by the refs on Cates fumble. Should've been a MTL TD

RLR - hehehe. So surprised to hear that from you - not.

As I already said, based on the highlights TSN played, it should have been a fumble. But as the ref stated contact with the ground was not survived, he must have had a view showing the ball hit the ground and then come loose. If he only had our highlights then I would agree with you. :slight_smile:

last week i went 0-4 in my proline picks, and this week lookin at 3-0 if the als win.

...Congi shouldn't be so cocky, that barely made it in...

this rider team is lookin SCAREY good....very fun to watch tho.
durant / cates make an exciting duo!

Great game thus far

SAS 15
MTL 10


...15 points = "scary"...m'kay, will have to see the second half to agree with that...missed most of the first half tending the BBQ, so I'm not too too arguing here...

Looks to be a great game so far, I am looking forward the 2nd half

Reggie getting a pick is itching away under my skin tho.

I predict that the Riders will pull this one out by a TD, and I wish the Riders would start getting Bouman the ball more.

Ugh the one stat that I believe generally results in wins and losses is turnovers, right now Riders are down in that category this game.

2 picks for Reggie is very irritating!

You'll need a tub of aloe before this one's over.

Pretty entertaining game so far, hopefully the Riders can pull it out!

The Als are self destructing