Poker is over. :cry:

Just waiting for Ray to get pasted. I know he needs a good game to respond from that last one but, one hit a away from disaster.

Some decent quarterbacking in this game. Brady 12 of 13 and a TD, and Ray 19 of 21, 2 TD passing at the half.

Congrats to Ricky Ray for passing Warren Moon, nice milestone.

Hopefully Edmonton can hang on in the 4th for no other reason than it should help me in locking up a playoff spot in the VGCC :wink:

Glad to see Edmonton up. With AC not even stepping on the field, there's really no reason for us not to win.

Bonehead play by #2, but I'll take the 15 yards. But I don't know about that roughing the passer. That looked pretty weak for a 15-yarder in my opinion. But it does give us nice field position... but now there's a scrum. Gah...

Nice to see this game has lots of emotion from both teams. Lots of hustle and big hits.

And here's hoping we can continue it in the East Final. :smiley:

That game, even though the Al’s had their back up QB playing was definitely a momentum builder for the Esk’s. They scored some points , played with emotion, and got Ray out of the game with the lead.

Should be a good one in the Peg.

Keep dreamin' my good friend. :slight_smile:

P.S. Tomorrow I can take the Stamps out my avatar :wink:

This game gives us some hope. We can make the big plays with Ray or Maas, if only our "coach" would call the long bomb or even the hand-off and get around the corner for BIG yards more than once or twice a game!

Not alot of pass rush either, won't be good against Winnipeg if Glenn gets time. IF we could make the east final, the only way to beat Calvillo is to use the Calgary defensive system; bump and run, play the recievers hard, and more than that be bigger ball hawks than the MTL recieving corps is.

And we need to stop with the turnovers. They were saying last night that we lead the league in fumbles lost with 26.