Alouettes vs Edmonton

21-0 Al's...more like not.

Is it that difficult to schedule an 8 team league? Every game this weekend is between a team that played in the first week of the bye round and one that played in the second. Surprise, surprise the rested Bombers won last night and the rested Als are out to a big lead tonight.

It's not rocket science to schedule out that unfair advantage.

The snoozeball game might be more exciting than this one. :wink:

I think the Esks forgot what time the game started

The game started? I thought Edmonton was still doing walk throughs.

no complaints here ; at least right now anyway :wink:

kinda looks like it :wink:

If the Eskies don't put up more than 3 before halftime, I am not so sure Reid is going to make it back after his top blows in the locker room and God knows what will be the amount of destruction to all the equipment in there. :o :?

He'll be known as Cardiac Reid after this pooping of the bed.

Why, Adrian, of course, plunge right in ...we need the ball back sooner anyway ... :roll: :x

So now that we got two premier backs in the line up we start throwing more :roll: the way Jyles has been throwing we may not have any receivers left

This is exactly why I didn't get excited about Jyles' performance last week. He fooled me once this season when he played well against BC and then fumbled away the game against Winnipeg the following week. Jyles ain't the future of this team.

Oh yes he is. That's why Tillman traded for him.

:lol: :lol: I tried to say that with a straight face.

We need at least a TD before the half to have at least something positive to take back to the dressing room.

BTW the cheerleaders look awesome in those new uniforms

There's something positive to take back to the dressing room. :wink:

Seems they heard you.

Now if only the cheerleaders could :cowboy:

My first thought after the sack: At least he didn't fumble.

So end of 2nd quarter they start running the ball, resulting in a TD second half start running couple of first downs, so what do they do start throwing result a punt