Alouettes vs Edmonton

Don't really know what is going to happen in this game; Calvillo gets his ups and downs with the Nelson Defense. Same goes for Jyles on the otherside; Montreal has a strong Defense I think on pass coverage; Eskie run game is where it's at for the Eskies Crandell will make it happen? DE Howard [hamstring], DL Laurant [ankle] are out; Als have injuries also.

well, #1. it's in Edmonton.

#2, Whitaker and Richardson are both out.

that right there, is enough to tell me that the Esks will likely win it.

Yeah, I’m not expecting my Als to win. We’re on the road, without our top receiver and star running back, missing a key d-lineman (Bekasiak) and one of our starting corners (Seth Williams). If we can keep the score close, we might have a chance, but Edmonton is very good this season, and you generally expect good teams to win their home games.

We’re actually pretty solid against the run. It’s the pass that gives us problems.

....I never count the Als. out of any game as long as AC. is behind centre,,,Esks. have a tough D but the Bombers solved them (barely) so you just never know :wink:

It seems any team can win any game this year.
Good luck to both clubs.

Last night Chief was mentioning that he actually has three favourite CFL teams, and took a little ribbing for that admission.
Truth be told, I'm sure we all have our second favourite teams. Failing that, I'm sure we all have other biases. For me, I really like the Anthony Calvillo story. I bleed Blue and Gold, but everything AC went through, first with his wife (Alexis?) and then with his own health, the battles they fought together ... well, that's just plain awesome. Made me a fan of the man for sure.

But then there's AC the player. Seems we live in a golden era, where many of the all-time record holders (like Milt Stegall or Mike Pringle) are within very recent memory ... as opposed to one or two generations removed from the current era. AC's one of them. Personally, I feel it's a great honour to watch greats like AC playing in the sunsets of their careers. When they're gone, we'll say, "Hey remember when Anthony Calvillo did (fill in blank)."

That's how it is with "legends." Good players will always come and go, but the truly great ones with long careers are a genuine treasure matter whose sweater they're wearing.

Guess I do have a second favourite team after all. Go Als!

I met AC last year at the grey cup helleva nice guy he stood there for two hours signing autographs on his own time I talked for 10 minutes with him while he signed and he was wearing his GC ring . Chad Owens was there to had a good chat with him and his wife about Hawaii we didn’t even talk football but condo sales in maui. Only football thing was said was, not only will we be hosting the GC but hoisting it as well .

Go Als!!!

Cuthbert and Forde? Could it be? Is our favourite whipping boy gone?

Cuthbert doing back-to-back games. Interesting. Also, I wish people would stop using the "straw that stirs the drink" expression. Hate it! lol

Speaking of whipping boys anyone hear how Proulx is doing? Is he coming back? Retiring? Recovering OK?

Nice pick Sherrit ! Now if Jyles can throw without getting anybody killed will be ok.

Wonder if people still think this will be an easy win...?

I see Jyles has regressed again. Why not leave the pocket or throw it away? Why give up that sack? :expressionless:

And o course I picked Edmonton. :twisted:

Als "D" is tough tonight...

I'm gonna predict it now: Edmonton's O is gonna repeat its performance from the first meeting with Saskatchewan.

And anyone else miss those beatings? Should he make it back, we'll resurrect that thread.

Speaking of beatings, wow what kind of monstrosity did I walk into just now for my Eskies! :?

Here's the online thread for those of you outside of Canada:

[url=] ... onton.html[/url]

The source stream via 04Stream is the same as the initial link last night, but at least the audio is in sychronisation this time.

This is the live TSN feed too not ESPN3 (US) or ESPN Live (UK).

And hey can anyone tell me about this Moxie's place in Canada? Is it a good place? All over Canada or just Ontario?

And yes Rpaege, the video quality is down. :thup: :frowning:

maybe, maybe not

Ah damnit, the guy streaming that thread below switched to MLB with the Jays! WTF! C'mon dude.

I'll see if I can find another link.

It's a good thing for most of the Eskie games in about a week I won't have this problem.