Alouettes vs Calgary

Another dandy game later at McMahon against Montreal who is a team who always puts on a show when on the road. Last 5 years Calgary is 3-2 when the Als come to town. Looking forward to the Calvillo/Burris showdown to say the least.

This is going to be a long day for the Stamps. And damn find a return guy already. Mr mini dud Taylor isn't get'n it done!

Our Offense is horrid at this point, it better improve or this will be a route. And Rod Black makes losing even worse :thdn:

Damn game tracker not working. :x

Montreal looks good and seems to get stronger as the season and/or this games progresses (thus far) and it's unfortunate on the fumble as well. The Als O-line/D-Line is the best in the league......11-1 Montreal leads

Burris and the gang just got a TD with wide open receiver; nice play....11-8 Alouettes

We need Watkins to get his game on. Starting to get worriome.

Hit the goal post by Calvillo and now fumble....Calgary football

Calvillo hitting a goalpost and fumbling a snap back to back.... never ee that again.

Incredible no one got injured in those benches...

Bad penalty to take by Calgary on Calvillo...All I can say is Montreal will make em pay. They just did; TD 18-8 Als

McCune used Calvillo to slow himself down... not too smart...

They need to do a better job covering Forzani, the guy's been open the whole game.

Doesn't look like the by week was good for the stamps

Not sure if I made a mistake in an earlier post that said 18-8 but none the less the score is 18-11 at the half.

The score flatters the Stamps at this point. They should feel blessed only down by 7 at half. And damn put cornish back for kick returns, Taylor is really stinking!!

But Lewis horseback tackle cost us Estelle. Gonna be a tough second half for the Als defense. Gonna need to keep the pressure on from the Dline to have a chance to win this game.

damn goal post

One way to look at it is; an extra defender. In essense it's in the field of play though. Anyway 21-18 Calgary in a dandy.....
Now Whyte ties the score at 21 with a fieldgoal.

What a game; good plays called back by penalty. Next following play is outstanding too…TD Calgary, now lead 28-24