Alouettes vs Blue Bombers

What is wrong with our d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's either i write here or smash my channel changer sorry guys. No his foot wasnt in bounds only 17 angles show his foot is in bounds. Gotta love the CFL and mr Tom (i hate the alouettes) Higgins.

It is frustrating to watch, for sure. Other than what you've just mentioned, mike, I've been really ticked at the fact that AC is on fire, but his receivers are letting him down bigtime (and yes I do mean you Jamel and Avon. . . )

Richardson's been dropping a lot this year...did I hear right? The Als lead the league in drops?

The d is vulnerable to the deep ball...has been for 2 years

I am so freakin tired of our D MAKING seems they specialize in giving struggling quarterbacks HUGE ego boosts

Duval's turning out to be a better tackler than kicker. . . geez

Calvillo is throwing some nice passes. Too bad the recievers aren't keeping up with completions. Duval has been sucking tit for too long now. Bring in some competition for next training camp. That new guy Carr is burning Dix on coverage. There have been missed penalty calls, and an inane overturned challenge. Special team coverage has been porous for potential Bomber returns. Hopefully the 2nd half gets better.

Good start to the second half. . . by both the defence and the offence. Keep it up this time, guys

How about special teams, I get nervous every time we have to kick the ball, Duval has to do most of the tackles (when he hasn't screwed up the kick of course...)

LOL CFL refering at it’s best!!! Duval you are off the hook on that one buddy!!!

losing the field position battle...need a big return

And once again didn't get it.

Gotta give the Bombers some credit here though. They are playing a lot more like the team that destroyed Saskatchewan as opposed to the team that laid an egg vs. Toronto.

Madjack is right. The Bombers are playing a really good game tonight. Lots of respect to 'em.

OMG! What a win!!! Our defence stank up the joint, AC says no problem i’ll do the job!!! Boy am I gonna sleep well tonight!!! No worries our defence usually comes up with a strong game when they’ve stunk up the joint the game before. Hope Watkins is alright we need him.

Tim Burke has his work cut out for him. If his defence gives up 40 points to the last place team in the east, how is it going to fare in the next 2 games against the powerhouse offence of the first team in the west?

I think the short week affected the secondary. I actually thought our line pressure was good most of the night, and our linebackers were effective, but man alive, our coverage was awful. Guys taking bad angles (Proulx on the first Carr TD -- absolutely NO excuse for letting a receiver score a TD on a 10-yard slant 50 yards down field), guys blowing coverage (Dix on the second TD), and players just flat-out getting owned one on one (Parker on the Edwards TD).

On the other hand, they did rally late in the game and came up with some big plays. Dix registered a crucial pick and the D forced Winnipeg to turn the ball over on downs.

But how, if the short week affected the secondary, did it not affect the linemen and the linebacking corps?

Really happy for Bratton's big night. Guy has struggled a lot since the concussion. Watkins's injury allowed Brian to see the ball more frequently and he was money on the game-winning TD. Would have had even more yardage had the zebras not overturned his nice sideline catch at the end of the first half.

Well, I'm no expert, but it seems to me that part of good secondary play is being disciplined in your backpeddles, pursuit, and press coverage. If you have less time to work on those things, you'll do them less well. Whereas the defensive linemen's job is difficult physically but not as dependent on mechanical repetition: it's just a matter of going out and hammering through the offensive line.

On second thought, I take it back regarding the linebackers. I'd say the entire back seven struggled in coverage. Our front-four created pressure for most of the game.