Alouettes uniforms

just a question, but when did the team replace the red in their color scheme with that purplish/maroon kind of color. i've always wondered.

Since 2006, the black one (like today’s game) is our 3rd jersey/alternate for home games…

They should make a big bonfire with them IMHO !

Agreed. I never liked the black ones

At least we won today with the black unis. Normally our track record in those uniforms isn't very good.

I like 'em! :thup:

why do teams always go with black for their 3rd jersey? obviously it is all a marketing thing, but their is no black in the teams tradition or history.. thank goodness saskatchewan got rid of there 3rd black jersey and went with the retro instead.

as for the 2006 colour change from red, what do you think of the purple/maroon? personally i think it is kinda weird and i prefer the old school alouettes/concordes thing of red/white/blue. tradition you know. canadiens, expos, alouettes.

For the red/burgundy, I don’t care if it's Flamenco Red 6054-75 or Red Cherry 6053-75 from the SICO paint long as the jersey’s main colors are Red, White/Silver & Blue...I won’t complain !

FYI, Calgary is also wearing their black jersey's today !

and they are pretty fugly

I loved the old black ones more then these ones, i also loved the Blue ones but they got rid of those ones.