Alouettes Uniform:Nothing Different bout it?

I just wanna give my honest opinion but the Alouettes Jeresys that your team has which was redone by RBK. I think they have done nothing to change the style of it cept add the Mascot's face on the sleeves and make the name more fancy on the front. It's too simliar to the ones used before the makeover.

And you are telling us this because?

Cause i notice the simliarites and talk about it and what you think would make this jeresy look more interesting.

Is there a question in there?

I think they are better ungrads, nothing wrong with that, they are phat!!!!

I personnally love the 3rd jersey (blue one) that the Al'S wore at the Grey Cup...

I bought #38 (Tim Strickland) game worn jersey @ the locker visit after the season...and most of the guys here love the blue one better that the other ones, better that the black one (that Puma created a couple years ago) that really $ucked !

the blacks ones weren't bad, but they are for the team in Halifax, there not for Montreal.

Perhaps while Kanga is changing the Uniforms he might want to change the name, say how about Concordes.... :twisted: Then perhaps move them to Hull, so they could be closer to Ottawa... :twisted:

What have I missed so far..... :wink:

I dont know where he comer up with his ideas!

They are for Halifax!!!

LOL...another brilliant idea of Halifax...


Most of the teams havce a black jersey...and it shouldn't be allowed !

Kanga always reminds me of the kid in school that wanted all the attention, or always wanted to be picked 1st at

Good Thing my web browser can block his post !

I think you guys have misread my post.

I said they the old thirds jerseys should be used in for the new team in Halifax, or something like them. Point is I'd like the Blue and Black, but that's NOT Montreal's colors, which are Red and Blue, Blue and Black can be used by the new Halifax team.

don't put words in my mouth that I didn't mean to say, ok?

I have no idea where you got that from me.

Halifax should not be allowed to wear Montreal's 3rd Jersey as the Alouette Bird is a Montreal Symbol... :lol:

You said it not us!!!!!!

ok, I meant the colors of Black and Blue should be the Halifax colors with a design LIKE the old Montreal thrid, better?

Kanga, I was being sarcastic.......You always want to change things, so I was poking a little tongue and cheek at you.

The Al's third jeresys are alright in my book.

why do they have MONTREAL on their road jerseys?it looks high school like.there is only 8 teams in this league,we know who tha ALS are???

And why does it say "Tiger-Cats" on Hamilton's home jersey. There's only 1 team that's gonna get bombed by Montreal tomorow... :lol:

LOL thats exactly what hapenned

the thing thats different about there jersey is the numbers on the sleeve are bigger and are nicer with the blue white and red lol