Alouettes truly were the better team Sunday

I saw it all, saw the INT near my seats..

I saw the Riders once again stall on offense.. unable to make the transitions and get the yardage and points necessary to win that game.

they were up 11-8. I kept thinking to myself that they needed 1 more TD and this game could have been over..

but they failed to capitalize.

Alouettes knew where to go and how to take us out of the game.

We as a team, needed a running game and we didn't get it, except for a few big runs. but they never made the difference.

The Als made the right calls when they counted.

simply put, the Riders were out played and out classed on the field and they lost the game.

Outplayed? Yes.

Outclassed? Not so sure about that one. . . other than Fantuz calling out his QB from time to time, I see the Riders as being a pretty classy team. No peeps of sour grapes from them after it was over, just an admission that the better team on the day won it.

But was it this:

Or was it more a case of Montreal's defence shutting down the Riders' offence?

I tend to think it was the latter.

They are the better team period. Two years running.

Trestman said in his postgame speech that the Riders always bring out the best in the Als. I think the last five or so games the two teams have played against each other support that statement. No shame in losing games like these. Far better to know that you are very close to being a champion than to get blown out and realize that your year-long success may have been a fluke. No fluke for the Riders. They deserve to be where they are, and they can hold their heads up high knowing they left everything on the field. Sometimes, the other team is just better on the day.

well, it was a mix of both.. yes I did see numerous occasions where the Als made good plays when we had the opportunity to get that big First Down..

and Getzlaf dropping that ball where he could have had a nice huge gain.. didn't help.

but you could see where we just looked like we did in week 16 with nothing working.

and I meant Outclassed ON the field.. not necessarily otherways. ya the Als sure were impatient to get on that field at the end! and they seemed pretty cocky.

...gotta get you a publicist one of these days, someone helps keep your foot in your shoe and away from your created this post with good intentions I'm sure and good on you for it, and the admission that the Als were a better team yesterday must have been painful to write, so I commend you for that....but why take all that maturity and flush it with what I quoted above dude?...the Als weren't cocky, they were excited, like little kids, that's got to be expected...and I'm sure if the score was reversed the riders would have been equally as urgent about flooding the field...c'mon man, be realistic...

ya but 3 times they had to be told get the hell off the field!

like sure we know you're about to win the Cup but having to be told 3 times, "get off!" is kinda stupid.

oh and no it wasn't painful at all. I'm a football person at heart and I know enough when to gladly admit that my team was beaten by a much better team.

it wasn't hard to see this.

...I didn't know about the 3x part, they didn't show that on the TV...I still say unbridled excitement isn't the same as cockiness, but I see how three times could be taken as such...

yea right after that int they all rushed onto the field.. and they were all being told GET BACK.

then after the run near the end they all did it again.

then just before Calvillo was about to knee out, you saw it a 3rd time and they had to hold them back.

didnt the riders flood the field after the "miss" last year? it happens. the only reason its upsetting you is cause it hurts watching your team lose, i know that lol. but how can you say the als outclassed your team one post than accuse them of being unsportsmanlike the next? i feel like those are two very contradicting ideas.

you can outclass an opponent on the field.. but be unsportsmanlike elsewhere.