:als_red: Alouettes Training Camp 2024

And knew other GMs, who hadn’t traded him, were making offers.

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So was that Danny who traded him or Reed?

Maciocia was named general manager of the Montreal Alouettes on January 13, 2020 … 0n February 13, 2020, Bede was traded to the Toronto Argonauts.


Thanks for humouring my special teams’ discussion lol

I hope Cote comes back and shows why he was selected back in 2021. Wouldn’t surprise me if they brought in a 3rd kicker to compete in camp.


Could Bede qualify as a Global player?

Réalisant que l’ouverture du camp d’entraînement est le jour de la Fête des Mères, je ne serai pas présent. Je vais fêter ma mère, dont l’âge est vénérable, et ma conjointe, dont les années sont comptées.

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No. He came in before the Global program.


I believe Côtè deserves another season to show that he can be more consistent, but it is likely a make or break season for him.

Nothing Maltos has done has really shown me he can be any more consistent than Côtè.

I don’t think the team wants an American kicker because it messes with the ratio. And while it’s easy to say bring on challengers, competent Global & National kickers aren’t running the streets.


This is the week I guess we find out if there are any last minute additions to the training camp roster - A.C. Leonard, Ménard, etc. :grinning:

And I believe there are cuts that have to be made. Richard is likely more up to date on this.

Yes, David Côté did not have a great 2023 season, but why so many think or wish that he should be replaced? If I recall, the Alouettes did not lose a game because of him in 2023; yes, 1 game against the Argos in 2022, but nothing in 2023.

Not long ago and still now, it was the offensive line that was “not too good”, now it’s Côté.

Barring injuries, David Côté will be the Alouettes kicker when the season starts in 2024.



Rosters have to be reduced to 85 players + non-counters before regular training camps begin, on May 12,2024. Presently, the Alouettes are 2 players over 85 + non-counters.


I have no problem with him being the kicker in 2024 if he earns it … but after his issues last season, I just want him to face legitimate competition in TC … more than just Maltos.

In some wraparound way, Bede is an American player.

He was born in France, moved to the USA where he played football in Ohio, and then he moved to Canada and played for Laval.

Cote did indeed cost us a game in 2023, the last regular-season loss to Toronto in which he missed 2 field goals and we lost by only three points. Even in the EDF, he missed a field goal when the game was still very much in doubt. In the Grey Cup, he had literally 0 field goal attempts – we either scored a touchdown in the red zone or turned the ball over. I guess you can commend him for not missing any converts, but that’s pretty faint praise.

In any case, whether he cost us games isn’t the point. If a player is playing badly or inconsistently at an important position, why accept that poor performance just because the rest of the team is stepping up and bailing that player out game after game? The fact that Cote didn’t cost us multiple games in 2023 is a testament to the rest of the team, not him. The numbers don’t lie; Cote was not great in 2023 at placekicking.

  • Field goal percentage: 9th
  • Field goals of 30-39 yards: 9th (he missed 2, while the next lowest, Paredes and Faithful, each missed 1; every other active kicker was perfect)
  • Field goals of 40-49 yards: 9th at 13/19 (Paredes also missed 6 but also made more field goals in this range, going 17/23).
  • Field goals of 50+ yards: 8th

Those are not the stats of a good placekicker. He absolutely has to do better in 2024. It’s not even a debate.


I want to add;

I have Côté listed at 39/52 (75%) through the regular season, but 2 of those “misses” were blocked before the line of scrimmage. He was the only kicker in the CFL to have a kick blocked and IIRC neither was his fault. If you remove those two attempts from his stat line, he sits at 78%, which doesn’t make an enormous difference, but I wanted to point it out regardless


Fair point, and thanks for the info!


Cote will be our kicker, that is clear. The numbers that D&P posted above, really aren’t acceptable. Hopefully, he just had a down year. But Those numbers will cost you games. So he needs to be more consistent, but in the long run, it would be great to get more kickoff distance too. When we played Toronto last year, our returners were fielding the ball at our 5. Toronto was fielding our kicks at their 25, that is 20 yards difference we have to earn back. This isn’t a witch hunt for Cote. But it should be an area of concern for the team.


It is not just as simple as whether his misses directly led to a loss … it can be a miss leading to the team having to later try for a TD, or gamble on third down/punt because the coach doesn’t have confidence he can make a subsequent field goal opportunity.


I mean, honestly, apart from stuff like blocked kicks or bad snaps or wind – all of which can be noted on the stat sheet and accounted for in analysis – placekicking is one of the few jobs in pro football that is mostly a matter of individual performance. A kicker isn’t reliant on five guys blocking for him, or an offensive coordinator calling the right play, or the QB making the right RPO read, like a running back. His stats don’t depend on whether the QB finds him with a catchable pass, like a receiver. His showing isn’t correlated to the strength of his team’s pass rush, like a defensive back. A kicker just has to go out there and make his kicks. So when he is not making his kicks, it’s fairly obvious for all to see.


For those reasons, also one of the positions where it is easiest to have something close to a true open competition in training camp.

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