Alouettes To Run More

It is written today in the Montreal Gazette that next year the Als will make greater use of the running attack.Also, the new offense will make greater use of the screen pass and quarterback draw. Calvillo admits that the Als have been using the same offensive system for the last 5 years.
The Als lost what was a relatively close game at Grey Cup.I believe there was one VERY SIGNIFICENT difference between the offense of the two clubs-Dickinson of BC made frequent runs himself producing excellent yardage. Calvillo made just one planned run for a first down. Both defenses were equal. In the offense both teams were equal through the pass and the halfback runs. The one area wherein BC outplayed the Als was runs by the quarterback.This was the difference that gave BC the Grey Cup. Dickinson, finding receivers covered, frequently took off himself with the ball and this was the winning factor of the game. With one run Calvillo showed that the center was there for a QB run up the middle. Why Calvillo did not run the ball himself in an open field is a mystery to this writer.
It will be great to have a new offensive coordinator take over the Als offense. The Als were too scripted on offense.Their play was predictable and suffered accordingly. It will also be positive to see The Als again use the screen pass-which was a great play with Pringle, Michael Soles and the big Canadian fullback whose name eludes me at present. It is a mystery that the Als did not ulilize this play in the past season.

I love that Popp wants to use screens more and run the ball more, but it won't solve all our problems. For instance, our receivers have to get open more often, come back to the ball more often, and CATCH THE FRICKIN BALL. Calvillo also has to stop overthrowing wide-open targets.

…and underthrowing wide open targets; if they hand hands where their feet are, we might have won the Grey Cup game (mind you they also needed stepladders for some of the other passes).

In the grey cup game, BC established a comfortable 19-3 score at halftime and was content to run more in the second half. The situation is different with Montreal. Running often may not be more successful than passing against BC tough defense. Execution rather than game plan seem to be Monteal's shortfall.

At least if were going to stop using the stupid shotgun formation all the time, then I think everything is going to be alright.