Alouettes To Promote Milanovich to OC

A Canadian Press article posted on the website reports that the Alouettes will promote their quarterbacks coach, Scott Milanovich, to the position of offensive co-ordinator.

The report also mentions the names of three of the candidates for the defensive co-ordinator position: Denny Creehan, Jim Daley and Dan Daniel.

Here is the link to the article:

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I rather Denny Creehan be in Montreal
Denny Creehan Loves the 3-4-5

I like the Ballace of 4-3-5

Thats 4 Down Linemen 3 Linebackers 5 DB's

It hard to find Good Linebackers
We search hard to find a 3rd one..
We need 4 good ones to play the 34.
It also harder to stop the run with a 34

You are right on all counts. It made sense in Creehan's early career to use a 3/4, because he had the luxury of 4 great LBs pretty much in their prime, White, Coe, Grace, and Clark. When White and Grace were gone, however, he stuck with the 3/4 when he didn't have the personnel to justify it; hence the Stamps' defence went south and he lost his job.