Alouettes, Ticats kick off Week 4 in Montreal

MONTREAL — Coming off their bye week, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats will travel to Percival Molson Stadium on Friday to take on the Montreal Alouettes in hopes to get their first win of the early campaign.

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The Ticats 'HOPE TO GET THEIR FIRST WIN' of the early campaign. Oh man... I remember just three games ago they had their sites set on the Cup. Expectations were sky high. Even out here in Bomber Land we figured the 'Cats would eat the East. Now it sounds like they're reduced to just 'hoping' to win a game. Sheesh. Pick it up you pussies. WE WANT A REMATCH!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The Argos looked like a different team when they switched QBs, maybe the Ticats with Evans will be what they needed.


As did the Stamps with Maier at the helm.

It's an important divisional matchup, even at this early stage of the (shortened) season.

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Hopefully not :wink: