Alouettes Things To Do List

Now that the big one is out of the way, there is still some other stuff to address:

  1. Offensive co-ordinator

  2. LB coach

  3. Scott Flory`s status - I would like him to continue as it would help with the ratio. Or is he one of the young coaches Higgins mentioned he would like on board?

  4. Signing of Ted Laurent or Keron Williams - Both apparently still looking at NFL opportunities.

  5. Popp`s contract extension at some point.

1.1) entraîneur des quarts-arrières

Popp a deja dit que ca soit Dinwiddie. On va voir si Higgins est d`accord.

Durocher is saying Popp has been unsuccessfully trying to sign Calg. free agent DT Etienne Legare.

Legare would be a nice addition adding an experienced Canadian DT to the rotation.
Cash and Bowman both will be starting along the D line and McElveen was signed in Free Agency.
Canadian Rookie Michael Klassen fit very nicely into the rotation.
Could have enough balance of good Canadian and Import Dlineman to have a ratio spot on the Dline

On aurait plus besoin de Laurent que de Légaré.

Au fait, Popp était en discussion avec McCune. Je me demande si ça va aboutir­.

I think everyone is hanging onto cash hoping to land Laurent.

Je n'ai pas vu ça passer. Le contrat de Dinwiddie a été reconduit mais je n'ai pas lu qu'il serait l'entraîneur des quarts.

Remarque que ça ne serait peut-être pas une mauvaise idée. Dinwiddie, à défaut d'avoir été un bon quart, est un gars très intelligent. Dans un sens, il a un peu de ce que Marcus Brady avait lorsqu'il a assumé cette fonction. Dinwiddie était le gars de Hawkins et si Popp a voulu lui donner du galon, c'est probablement parce qu'il a assez bien travaillé pour le mériter. En tout cas, il veut travailler ici.

Dinwiddie is a former CFL QB but is not the QB coach. He is however on the offensive staff as Quality Control I beleive

Whatever the heck 'quality control' means. .. I never have been able to figure that out.

I remember a very long laid out post explaining to you what it is. Maybe your memory is going. Its basically data gathering and analysis. For example Percentage of times a play is successful. How many dropped balls. How much YAC, Where on the field is a QB successful at throwing the ball , where is he not throwing the ball and on and on. Tracking tendancies, All kinds of stuff that does not show up in stat sheets.

At my age, Hf, for sure my memory is going.

And I'll tell you something else. . .

At my age, for sure my memory is going.

Oops. . . forgot I'd already written that.

Can't wait to join you :smiley:
Who's Dan Hawkins :roll:

I heard Popp say in an interview, if I remember correctly when he was at the Super Bowl, that Dinwiddie was to be promoted to QB coach. We will see next week if that is still the case with Higgins.

Its like the old George Burns line - "I still enjoy sex, I just cant remember why."

quality control....basically making sure your qbs. don't have a 'noodle arm' like his... To be fair, Dinwoodie has got the smarts, just don't let Troy Smith pick up any of his throwing traits.. :lol:

Man, wouldn't that be ugly.

Hope Dinwiddie is another example of "those who can, do; those who can't, teach".

(And those who can't teach, teach gym).

Marc Trestman was a failed PRO QB who became a great coach it happens.

Thats true... At College he was back-up to Tony Dungy at Minnesota.

Dinwoodie is a very bright guy by all accounts and had great success at Boise state as a QB . Certainly being thrown into his first CFL start in a Grey Cup was not an ideal way to getting settled in Canada. I'll predict that we'll see him as a HC in Canada one day.

Troy Smith is no dummy or slouch at QB either. Heisman Trophy, NFL QB jobs lost guys like Alex Smith/Kapernick and another QB in baltimore who has a super bowl ring two seasons ago.