Alouettes Stumble

This was a sixth loss,however,with some breaks this could have been a win.Ed Philion played his consistent good game on the defensive line.It was interesting to see him back away from the defensive line and assume a linebacker role.Philion almost had an interception.Eric Lapointe had two good rushes and one has to wonder why the Als do not use him more.Lapointe last year when Edwards was hurt had excellent finishing statistics and was a key player in the Als run for the cup.Lapointe is quicker than Edwards and the Als should give him the ball more.Edwards had one good run for 15 yards and a touchdown.Edwards,however, fumbled at an inopportune time which was reminiscent of an earlier game when he fumbled on the goal line helping the team lose that game.The Als should use Lapointe more. He is quicker to get to a hole in the line than is Edwards who rushes with strength and is prone to fumble.THe Als could not stop Winnipegs crossing patterns giving Glen good passing yards.Watching B.C. today one realizes that the team has never adequately replaced Barren Miles nor Mark Washington.Today it was Brady who fumbled at the goal line.Both Brady and Greene have been found lacking in backing up Calvillo and one of the Als greatest needs is to develop a good second string quarterback. Calvillo might benefit from some QB competition.For certain building strength for Calvillo's eventual replacement and replacing some of the older veterans is the prime task for the Als.

Face it. This is a team that is poor in every category. They have no heart and seem subconsciously intent on finding ways to lose.
Matthews gets a contract extention and the team fails to win since. It's becoming obviously don't want to play for them. Time to cut the losses and bid the Don adieu.
Frankly, there isn't a single Al I want to applaud. They've disgraced the fans, disgraced the city and, most of all, disgraced themselves.
Everybody loses, but when you lose because you just don't care is something else altogether.

I agree
AC was throwing behind his recievers all afternoon.
What was getting on my nerves was the fact that the D had this mentality of let them catch the ball and the try to knock it out of their hands!
Glen was killing them with 7 yard passes the entire game.

DO you realise that Roberts rushed for 94 yards on the last drive alone?

I agree with what hassall said about Lapointe Execept for the fact that he is injury prone. IMO there best opotion at RB would be Dedrick or Coburne.As for The Don dont let the door hit your ass on the way out.

The Defence is so frustrating to watch for me.

First of all, the missed tackles! :x Example, yesterday, when they stopped Charles Roberts behind the line and 2nd and short, but somehow Roberts breaks the tackles and escapes and picks up a first down.

Secondly, the play calling! It's okay to Blitz, but every play? Montreal has all their linebackers blitzing, leaving the middle of the field wide open, meanwhile, the Defensive Backs are playing a deep zone coverage, or playing their man. So all the Quarterback does, shown by Glenn, Dickenson, Pierce, Allen, Burris, they just dumped the ball 5 yards in the middle, and they guys pick up 15 yards before anyone is back to make the tackle. After letting up 150 passing yards in the first half, I thought maybe the Defensive Coordinator would lay off the blitz, but no. Even after 5 losses.

Offensively, I have no answers. Montreal establishes something that's working, then they get away from that. Example, yesterday Lapointe came into the game. 2 great rushes on 2, next play, Edwards comes in and fumbles. I think maybe it's time for someone to start calling the plays, other than Calvillo, and see what happens.

One more thing, PENALTIES. Montreal takes way too many penalties in a game, big plays, penalty, horrible plays, still penalties. It's just bad, especially when they start off in bad field position, then it get's worse.

Personally, what I think the problem. I think the players stopped playing for Matthews. Even looking at Matthews on the bench, he doesn't show enthusiasm.

But what do I know, I just cheer them on. But what I do know, is by the way their playing, this in NO Grey Cup contenders.

CFL is about the QB postion and your CND talent.

Calvillo has been on a steady slide for 2 years now. Right now he is throwing the Uglyest passes I've seen anybody throw in this league in a long time.

The NI players are either not playing Lapointe and Diedrick or playing poorly (Sanchez and Stala,Fritz) and Cahoon has been playing hurt most of the season and is not sharp.

One possible explanation is the Al's just don't practice hard enough or Many of these guys have just plain gotten old quick.

You also have to question Matthews honnesty. Edwards has been brutal, he's slow and has voiced his displeasure with his salary. This team use to be fast and agressive now its confused, slow and lacks confidence.

After six games and very little change in the starting roster and strategy you have to question the coaching. He singled out his beat up Oline when clearly Calvillo is rotten. I don't thinkg they will right this ship without making bold changes.

HfxTC, please tell me your kidding. Does Butterfingers Edwards actually have the nerve to be complaining about his salary? What an anal orifice!