Alouettes sign Trevor Harris, extend Almondo Sewell

MONTREAL — The Montreal Alouettes announced on Wednesday that the club signed a one-year deal with American quarterback Trevor Harris and have extended the contract of American defensive lineman Almondo Sewell through the 2023 season.

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So they give him an outright release him & then sign him back? Not quite clear on the logic there, that's certainly not how it usually goes.

They didn't need to give him his bonus and they give him the chance to look at his option if he could get a starter job or 1B job (BC). It didn't happen so he decided to comeback with Montreal


Restructered the contract as well.


Makes sense I guess, but I don't ever recall this exact situation come up before.

So has Harris officially been demoted to Backup QB by signing with the Als ! Or will he be 3rd stringer behind Dom Davis? Because Vernon Adams is the starter. Maybe training camp will straighten out the B/U position.

Adams is the starter. I would be shocked if things played out differently at training camp. Harris is now the #2, and I would expect Davis to be released shortly.

Sounds like Adams is upset about the signing. Harris has performance bonuses built in. I can see why BC didn't sign him because it sends all the wrong messages to their guy. You don't need Harris looking over your shoulder. As Adams knows.

I would expect that whoever is best in training camp and the pre-season gets to be the starter. Both QBs have to fight for the starters job. They can't name Adams as the starter yet.

Any QB who would get miffed because you brought someone in behind him is not a pro. He isn't tough enough. Any QB who's worried about looking over his shoulder isn't pro enough to be on my team. EVERYBODY at EVERY POSITION earns their spot and is pushed all the time. That is the nature of the business.

Any coach or GM who refuses to bring someone in because he's worried about the starter's fragile confidence and is worried about sending messages should be fired. You are always looking for the next guy.

Any QB who is upset about who's behind him on the depth chart is nothing but a whiny little Burris or a tantrum Printers. Suck it up, butthurt cup. This is pro football. No free rides.

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But there is no evidence to indicate Adams is upset. He sounded motivated from the tweet. That's all.

As for Burris, he's a two-time Cup winner and a future CFL Hall of Famer, so. :slight_smile:

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There is no evidence that Adams is upset

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I should have clarified. I have not seen any tweet from Adams and have not heard any comments from Adams. My reply was more to the attitude in general of people who think that certain players (almost always QBs) should be coddled in such a way than anything against Adams himself. He has always shown to me to be a warrior type guy and would be very surprised if he were indeed having any sort of snit. I'm an Adams fan.


Oh, I definitely agree with you. This is pro football. You earn your spot. Having said that, the sad reality is that players will have longer leashes on certain teams, through the decisions of certain coaches, which is bad for morale. Coaches aren't perfect, neutral, or objective. Each of them is fallible and capable of coddling player A while being unreasonably tough on player B.

Favre blew a gasket when they drafted Rodgers, Rodgers blew a gasket when they drafted Love.
AC was angry when Als signed Troy Smith and went mia for a few days. ( no source as team said he was visiting granma)
Minny HC said they might have offered BLM a contract but thought he might interfere with Cousins.
Teams generally do not create controversy on this but we will see.

I think this is not great for VA or Als.

But in BC he would be mentoring 2 young QBs that are almost expecting to be replaced if they don't come along as expected. I think BC would have been a great place for him to sign.

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Those guys carried franchises on their shoulders (Cousins is questionable). Adams needs a push and hasn't earned the right to be angry about who his back up is. Then again, no QB should throw a hissy fit about their team planning for the future or signing an insurance policy.

Please understand, folks, that there is zero evidence that Adams is angry or upset. Let's not play broken telephone.

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Boy oh boy, some panties are tied up in knots here. Listen, Adams is the defacto starter, he knows it, the coach knows it, etc... It's up to Harris to win the job, if he can. Whatever the outcome, the best QB will start the season. Both of these guys are pros, one a young phenom, the other a wisened veteran. Heck of a great spot for the Als to be in.

I truly admire Trevor Harris for signing on with the Als, after getting his release and Bonus money taken from the Als :thinking: :face_with_monocle: :question: I would like to see him win the starters job with the Als in 2022. Trevor is in excellent physical condition and he can still Ball Out :bangbang: Best of luck Trevor I hope you can make back the money you lost with this new free agent contract :sweat_smile: :rofl: :gem: