Alouettes sign star linebacker Darnell Sankey

MONTREAL — The Montreal Alouettes announced on Monday that they have reached an agreement with 28-year-old American linebacker Darnell Sankey.

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Might help but what they really need is a new defensive coordinator like Ritchie Hall, a new coach like Buck Pierce and a new Quarter back like Tre Ford and while we are at it, a new general manager who knows football

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Thanks to the management Cap we are stuck with the HC and DC … and in fairness the GM is who convinced Sankey to sign.

Alouettes sign star linebacker Darnell Sankey -

Welcome back! I like this story. At only 28 years old, I hope Sankey stays in the CFL now!


And at 28, he’ll likely have a long career here pending health of course.

Doubtful he’ll get an NFL look with any guarantees and he has no desire to go back to the XFL, the Als did well


A new head coach may help as well.

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IMO the defense is good. It’s the offense that is the problem. As a Bomber fan, I have seen enough to know that Montreal is not going anywhere with Fajardo.

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People calling for coaching and GM changes probably don’t realize just how badly we’ve been hit by injury this year, particularly on defense.

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I’ve been advocating for Maccioca to be gone the day he was hired, likewise for Maas. Mtl’s offence is frankly offensive —meaning not good—mainly because of Maas and let’s face it, Anthony isn’t very creative.

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Anthony Calvillo?

He was a great QB, but not certain he has shown he is a good coach … not all great players are.

Yes he was a great QB.
But in the context of Ron’s post, if he is referring to Anthony Calvillo, is it his playbook or that of Maas?
Maas is calling the plays unless I am wrong.
Thus Maas would be the one who is “not” creative.

It is neither AC’s playbook nor his playcalls. While I’m sure he has input on both, they are in Maas’s domain.