Alouettes Sign Johnny

White, a RB and former 5th round pick of the Bills.

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It also appears they have cut Ameet Pall.

Hopefully he will improve our returning game.

Played in Popp's hometown...

I wonder what's going on with Whitaker. Not a word about him since he's been placed on the 9 game.

C’est vrai. Pourtant, il est sur les lignes de côtés à chaque partie, du moins, chaque partie locale.

J’ai malheureusement l’impression que c’est la fin pour lui.

Unless he can leap tall defenders in a single bound and run the 40 in 2.5 or less, no returner is going to be successful on the Als specialty teams.

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2 Whites to add to the 2 Parkers... :stuck_out_tongue:

Released: Pall, Scott, Ukwu

...Johnny White, whew...for a second I thought it was that italics guy....

Nul doute que notre ami Johnny aurait donné du caractère à l’équipe… :lol: