Alouettes sign Cheatwood

found this on the Als's a better read than the short story on the cfl main page.

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With today's signing of linebacker Tim Cheatwood, the Alouettes have further solidified a strong defence that has been among the best in the CFL for the past decade.

Cheatwood will step onto a defensive line that already features several All-Star-calibre players like Anwar Stewart, Ed Philion, Jerome Haywood and R-Kal Truluck. He expects to crack the starting lineup, but is prepared to play whatever role is assigned to him.

“I expect to go into camp in great shape, learn the defence and get going real fast. I’m coming here to be a starter and make a difference. I’ll do my best and go as hard as I can. That should make me a starter,? he said.

Alouettes general manager and head coach Jim Popp was eager to get Cheatwood under contract as soon as he was made available.
“We think he’s one of the best defensive ends in the league. He is coming off an ACL injury, but we feel he’ll be ready if not at the start of the year, close to it. It’s a ‘chance and risk’ signing, but it’s worth it to us,? Popp said.

I have no idea why Hamilton released him, but he was cut free and we wanted to go and get him. I got on the horn as soon as I saw he was out there and it worked out well for both the Alouettes and for Tim Cheatwood.?

Cheatwood didn’t hesitate at the opportunity to come to Quebec’s metropolis.

“Why not come to Montreal? In my opinion, it’s the best organization in the league. Coming from Hamilton, I have no idea what to expect other that that it seems like coming from last place to first place is a good thing. I don’t know too much about the city itself, but I can’t wait to get there and get started,? he said. “I see it as a beautiful city with great fans and I have nothing but positive feelings about Montreal and the team.?

Cheatwood’s focus will obviously be on stopping opposing offences, but, he said, it helps to have confidence in your own team’s scoring abilities ( another player knocks jason maas? ).
“I know we’ll have a great offence here as well. It’s already a great team and I just want to contribute and make it better.?

True, Montreal is taking a small gamble with that ACL but if it does completely heal in time for the start of the season, this will be a great pickup for the Als.

He's no BACKUP!!
Stewart and Cheatwood o the ends with Truluck rotating... we're gonna be sackin QBs like crazy!!

Was that directed at my post? Just to be clear, I said great PICKUP (not backup) :lol: .

LOL!! nah, just more of a “he’s no backup” with a hint of surprise :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

But I guess I did read BACKUP!! LOL!!!
Friday afternoon… can I go home now :smiley:

I just hope the Als honor the cap like everyone else, right Lions fans.....

Any word as to why the Ticats released this guy? He was their best down lineman the last few seasons. Judging by the speed that the Als picked him up, he can't be washed up. Who do the Ticats have that can replace him?
Him and Monford were scary coming off of the corners.(back a few seasons ago).
Couldn't double them both. This move is a real head-scratcher.

Great player. Attitude questionable at times. Lacks personal discipline and picks up lots of penalties.

On one play he'd make a fantastic sack and raise team morale and on the next take a dumb penalty.

My guess is that Desjardins - who is sounding like a pretty hard-nosed individual - has dropped a higher priced veteren who WON'T be giving the kind of leadership HE'S looking for. This looks like a team-moulding decision.

Add a 'Cheat' to a high-functioning team and he'll be absorbed into it. Keep him on a team being rebuilt to new specifications and he might just mess up the new chemistry.

This is all a guess but as a long-time cat-watcher it has SOME validity.

Sure we really don't know what he was like as a teammate in the locker room or otherwise. But, that aside I don't know what Hamilton was thinking in releasing him. Even with the injury, you bring him back to training camp and see how his health is before releasing.

well great pick up by the als none the less. a good DE works wonders for Defences IMO

i think the ticats just love being in the basement...they've made it thier home..hahaha

I don't also get it why Charlie Taffe would be cleaning house with Cheatwood and Vaughn? I have also heard on CH in Hamilton how it appears Morreale is next. When interviewed Mike said he will not retire and believes he has another 2 years left. He is a good Canadian receiver.

Cheatwood takes a lot, and I mean A LOT, of really dumb penalties at really bad times. At least it seems that way when he's played the Argos. The last Argo-Ti-Cat playoff game, (I'm pretty sure it was The Wiggles Bowl in 2005)he took a 15 yard penalty. On the same play, he took another fifteen yarder for kicking the penalty flag in anger. Add this to the fact that Montreal is already the most penalized team in the league, and Cheatwood could cause some disasters for his Alouettes. Popp and his assistants could have their work cut out for them getting him under control.