Alouettes sign American QB Reece Udinski

MONTREAL — The Montreal Alouettes have signed American quarterback Reece Udinski, the team announced on Monday.

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Udinski played for the Spiders in 2022. He completed 377 passes on 514 attempts and ate 238 flies. His time in the 100 meter dash was 2.1 seconds straight up the wall. When asked to comment on her son’s professional football aspirations his mom said, “EEK! SPIDER!”

Could have signed O’Connor !!

Could have
ANOTHER team passes on the “Surefire HoFer
Seems like a clue

O’Connor is now training to be a firefighter. Less risky than CFL QB these days.

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Doesn’t make a difference to his accolytes.

Calgary signed him and he was number two. Dickinson happened o put in Maier . This has worked out for Calgary but does not belittle O’Connor. Rick Campbell signed him based on talent not his passport. Not sure why he as not signed this year… He does know Canadian game and yes , helps with the ratio A lt of the 3rd /4th string Americans are not better .

You’re kicking a dead dog. Move on, he has.

And there’s the proof

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Because nobody wanted him … OR … he decided CFL was not his future … OR … he decided CFL was not his future because nobody wanted him.

Whichever it is, you are beating a dead horse.