Alouettes ships out Turd and bring in AC and Dinwiddie

The flushing continues.

Why would you create a duplicate thread? There is already a "Fire Schonert" thread and a "Schonert Fired, AC/Dinwiddie as OC" thread. Does every random thought of yours deserves its own brand-new thread? Seriously.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

For shame will you ever sleep tonite! :oops:

You really like your Poop and turd jokes.

X2 :thup:

Je ne vois rien dans la débâcle de Schonert qui justifie de l'affubler de ce surnom.

On l'a vu à maintes reprises de la part d'un certain receveur qui n'a fait que passer, mais pas de la part de Schonert.

Why don't the Mods delete this childish thread?

What Mods ? We haven’t had a moderator in here since Ro1313 had his fill.

Alors qui a banni Johnny 15 fois depuis 2 ans?

I think Hfx means that we haven't had an Als-only moderator since ro. The general group of mods are still there but they don't seem to monitor our subforum regularly.

[i]Johnny a été banni souvent après avoir donné son opinion sur le forum des Tiger Cats. D'accord, peut être de façon un peu baveuse, mais quand même.

Quand Johnny se tient ici et sur le forum principal, les choses vont bien la plupart du temps. [/i]