Alouettes run into history in Grey Cup arrival

You couldn’t ask for a better backdrop for the arrival of the Montreal Alouettes.

The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum served as the setting for the arrival of the 110th Grey Cup teams, and it was the Alouettes who arrived first, touching down at the Hamilton Airport and then rolling up to the museum, home to a rather large number of absolutely stunning vintage aircraft.

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Don’t count the Als out. They have been playing as a team for the last 7 weeks and might just be peaking at the right time


I’ll go out on a limb and say that Fajardo and company ARE peaking at the right time. I’ve never seen this version of the Als play better than they did last week against the mighty Argos. That rapidly improving defense of theirs in particular has made everyone believe that anything’s possible. Throw in key injuries to our once feared Bomber receiving corp and the loss of Adam Bighill… and yikes…we might not win this one too easily.

We might even get ‘eLemonated’. :grimacing:

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Maaax, I’ve always liked your posts because they’ve been respectful, fun, insightful, etc. A true fan of the game and your team.
I’m a hard core ALs fan and it broke my heart when Winnipeg lost last year. I really wanted to see history being made. Historical moments can sometimes outweigh personal team victories.
This year I didn’t think the ALs would go this far so was rooting like crazy for the Bombers to get revenge.
I’ll be rooting for my ALs but I feel a tinge of wanting to see the Bombers make history with three in four. I know it’s not CFL history as Edmonton and others have multiples but, you don’t see it often.
The Bombers have shown hard work, perseverance, teamwork and class in achieving their records and victories.
I respect that!
It is the meaning of good sportsmanship, and respect for the game, its history and other teams.
That in and of itself is a victory of sorts.
Win or lose they showed class.
That is something to be proud of because a gentleman will dust himself off, congratulate the other team and get back to work.
Which they did this past season, to get back to the playoffs, and finals.
Something to be proud of.
If my ALs lose, it is to a very worthy adversary.
I hope it’s a great game.


Great article about the team connection to 425 Squadron. One more point: the CF - 18 Hornets that will perform the anthem flypast will be from…425 "Alouette "Squadron based in Bagotville, Québec. “Je te plumerai.”


There is noting historic in that that I can see

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You understand of course that that’s the very first time EVER that anyone’s used two thats one after the other in the same sentence… unless of course you count this sentence which I’m currently using to make a very useless point that most of you will read about and mull over in your heads anyway because it starts out as being so darned interesting. But it’s really not.

So nothing to see here. Carry on. Go to the next post.

What? You’re still here reading my drivel? What’s wrong with you people?!

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Actually, there is, if you know your Grey Cup history. Aside from the Eskimos going nine times in ten years, no one has gone four straight times.
The Alouettes did four in five years.
But Winnipeg has done four straight and if they win, that is three out of four. Hasn’t been done except for Edmonton. So, yes there is some historical perspective to this game. :blush:


Edmonton won 5 straight
1978 to 1982
Went in 1977 for 6 straight years appearing in the cup
Technically Edmonton went 3 out of 4 twice

I don’t see the historical value if its been done before

I said except Edmonton. Look at my post.
That nine times out of 10 includes the five straight Cup wins.

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I edited my post to say edm went 3 of 4 twice
Edmonton also won 3 in a row 54 55 56

I just dont see 3 of 4 being historical

Bomber history :man_shrugging:

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