Alouettes Rookie Camp

With Rookie Camp starting tomorrow, its interesting that there has been absolutely no hype for any of the rookies on this years roster. The only names that have surfaced to any extent have been WR DJ Boldin, TE O.J. Santiago, and DT Marcus Smith.
But you just know the same way Jim Popp unearthed Jerald Brown, Billy Parker, and Andrew Hawkins last year, that there will be some new names popping up.
I really hope that Herb, RDS, or the Als website gives some coverage to the Rookie Camp. Hopefully it doesn`t get lost in the coverage of the Habs Rookie Camp.

And Dix, Guzman...

As much as the Als do a great job on the football side, they don't like to put too much out there for rivals to analyze but whenever I've run to players or managment. They have always been warm and cordial. I remember writing Scott Flory some encouragements after the 2007 season and he took the time to write back with a sincere note of appreciation. Guys I've run into or corresponded with, every single one has been classy.

So I'll take reserved classy winning organization over a love in talking calling rivals crotch whatever :wink:
Just have to dig a little harder :smiley:

Unfortunately, for the past 2 to 3 years we have not heard/we don't hear too much about the Als rookie camp. Everything seems to be "top secret". My "theory" -for what it is worth- is that being already at the maximum number on off-season roster -83- they cannot announce a signature without releasing somebody. They most probably "invite" rookies for this camp and once they know that they may have a chance,they-Als- will wait until the 5th before making the announcement and releasing another player. For instance, I know -from Le Droit of 10 days ago- that Philippe David-OL, Ott.U- has been invited,by Mr. Desjardins to attend the rookie camp. He is not on the actual roster.

June the 6-begining of training camp- will not come soon enough.


There also seems to be a rash of fake retirements and other strange things all over the league. They should let the teams manage their training camp numbers instead of looking ridiculous IMO.

I agree with Richard about all the extra players the Als bring to Rookie Camp. There will be several new names on the Roster on June 6 and several on the Roster now will disappear. But hey a teams gotta do what its gotta do!
I`m still wondering what happened to former draft choice James Judges (son of Gordie a former favorite player of mine), who never made it past Rookie Camp last year, with not a word about it.