Alouettes Relieve Kavis Reed as GM

Unless there is a forthcoming ownership annoument, why now?

Joe Mack, Khari Jones and Patrick Donovan will jointly handle the football ops it seems.

How does this affect the football ops cap? Does new ownership get a waiver?

Just when it looked like the team had some sense of going somewhere…wow

Most likely because there will be new ownership forthcoming.

But also, Reed was an incompetent, untrustworthy jackal. He fully deserved to be fired.

My thoughts are.

  1. New ownership is coming and they don’t want to seen as swinging the axe.

  2. The league is trying to save a few bucks by dumping his contract. Which does not make sense to me as I thought management contracts are guaranteed. Perhaps the league doesn’t its own rules.

  3. The CFL meant to do it months ago, but CFL 2.0 was dragging in the big money and the admiral was too busy to get to it.

Sounds like the people in Montreal wanted him gone, but after a big win, the timing seems strange. Now pressure is really on Popp and MLSE.

By firing reed, the league would do the buyout.
Clears up for new owner.

It’s a bit of a sketchy situation. Reed’s contract should still be on the books for the Als cap. But the league is in charge of monitoring the spending of the member clubs, but it happens to own and operate this member club at the moment. I doubt they’ll be punishing the Als for going over the football ops cap this year.

Not that I care so much about that; as long as they sell to capable local ownership, I’ll be happy.

Apparently, the announcement that the Lenkov brothers have purchased the team will be coming in the next weeks. Lenkov will be in Montreal for the Als next game.

I’d agree this move was made because there is new ownership stepping in.

I feel very optimistic for the future of the Alouettes. A new ownership group and the play of the team so far this year should breathe new life into the fan base.

Joe Mack helping right the ship? :o

Wonder how Als fans feel about that…they were pretty critical of him when he was in WPG.

He’s not “righting” any ship. He’s just the AGM who’s stepping in until we can make a hire. I don’t like Mack at all but this move makes sense. Mack is also sharing duties with two other people so there’s a limit on him too.

Agreed. Mack is just a stop gap. He most likely will also be gone after the season.

Not great about Mack … but Patrick Boivin just said they didn’t make a change at GM after last season because the sale talks were underway and they didn’t feel they could saddle new owners with a newly hired GM … Mack is just in the “right spot” in terms of being the “next man up” … As an Als fans, crossing my fingers that the next GM, whenever hired, can do a good job … and that Mack doesn’t **%^%# things up in the meantime

I doubt Mack is awake and plugged in enough to mess things up. The knock on him has been his magnificent inactivity (hence Sleepy Joe). All he has to do is keep being himself and we should be fine. :smiley:

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

That’s sketchy. Either way… this was long overdue. He should have been let go in the off-season.
That’s just sketchy

A real tell then might be just how long he remains without a job.

No employer wants to hire someone like that until perhaps a whole lot more time and diligence passes.

Makes me wonder if anyone else has found a way to circumvent the cap.

It won’t surprise me if they have which would be another huge black eye for the CFL.

CFL will deny it even if it is true to maintain integrity.

The scheme described by reporters states that players were receiving side payments from third party/numbered companies to avoid cap hits.

If true, this implicates the Wetenhall’s far more than Kavis who was just the “clerk” in making these side deals. Surely no one believes Kavis was taking his paycheck and redistributing it to players :o

Reporters claim that players complained to the league. Well, that would make sense since when the Wetenhall’s bailed on the team, these side payments would have stopped coming in.

Reporters claim that these side payments were made to “long-time players” of the team who would then hand the recipients with their money.

That would implicate a number of players in the fraud.

If all this is true and I suspect it is, the scheme was in place long before Kavis. Keep an eye out on Jim Popp’s fortunes in the coming weeks.