Alouettes release WR Roosevelt, 14 others

MONTREAL — The Montreal Alouettes got the final week of training camp started by announcing the release of 15 players from their camp. The players released include:

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Naamon Roosevelt to TOR in 3-2-1

Couldn’t MTL even acquire a late pick in a trade for him?? :thinking:

I think the Argos are already over-stocked at receiver. Perhaps Ottawa will sign him.

I expect a fair number of established players to be cut loose before the season starts. The loss of the 2020 season means those players are that much older and there’s now two years worth of young guys in camp trying to take their place.

I agree that he probably won’t be signed by Toronto . They have at least on paper a pretty interesting receiving crew lined up this season .

I suspect that you might be right about Ottawa giving him a look . They honestly don’t have much in the way of experienced weapons in the Receivers room at the moment .

Hamilton has lost Posey to injury so that’s a possibility.
And now only 3 experienced WRs in Acklin, Addison and Banks

Yes we have apparently lost Posey but unlike Ottawa the Cats still have a stable of returning vets from the 2019 season . Even without Posey being in the line-up we still have Banks , Addison , Acklin , Tucker and Marshall plus a full stockpile of promising rookies just awaiting their chance and turn in the pipeline .

Awww, I like Naaman, hope he lands on his feet somewhere.

Watch. Blue bombers have sign WR Roosevelt

I don't think Posey is a long term injury? I think he'll be playing by our home opener.