Alouettes release Trevor Harris, David Foucault

MONTREAL — The Montreal Alouettes have parted ways with quarterback Trevor Harris and offensive lineman David Foucault.

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Trevor Harris is a capable QB and will land on his feet somewhere in the CFL but releasing him was the right move. Vernon Adams is emerging as an elite CFL QB and has consistently demonstrated his leadership abilities on and off the field.

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Don't know who needs Harris at the present time. BC or maybe Ottawa & Edmonton might bite again, but everywhere else has good QBs. Maybe time he retires.

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Poor Trevor, kicked around like an old dog, he must be some frustrated. Might not be done yet(which I think Matt Nichols is) but a starters job now is questionable. Team#5 ???

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Your guess is as good as mine. I suspect new RB GM Burke will be after Dane Evans who's indicated he's testing free agency. Reilly is only a year older & can take the punishment behind that OL. I don't see Trevor as a fit there. Edmonton? Depends. We'll soon know if Jones or Goveia lands there. Jones had Arbuckle in TO. Again, much younger. The only starting position I see open is Ottawa & do they want him back? Don't know. Harris said this year he thinks he can play into his 40's. It may take being a backup. Gonna be an interesting off season this year - 98 free agents on the board between Regina & Winnipeg. That's a lot of juggling for these 2 teams at the top to make things fit.

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IMO Trevor Harris can play and be successful especially if he had a situation like Winnipeg. Good O Line and a punishing RB like Andrew Harris. Probably depends on how much money he thinks he's worth now. I don't remember Foucault playing Center, maybe they should have tried him there. Played mostly Guard this year and was a liability there. OT was what he is built for but wasn't very good a pass blocking there either. Kind of a 1st round bust IMO.

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Dave Foucault barely looks like a tight end or OLB.
Tall & thin - not the kind of big body, strongman type which usually inhabit CFL o-lines.
That said, the one exception in the last 40 yrs = Giant Chris Schultz - who was over 6'8" and only 280 lbs, yet was a consistent eastern all-star over his solid playing career.
Dave is about as tall as Schultzie and he's listed at 297 lbs. but he sure appears to be well under that that weight. . . . plus he's being consistently over-powered by both american & canadian d-linemen.
Appears able to hold his own with 6'1", 210 lb. linebackers though!

Sure. Harris could land on his feet here in the 'Peg... as a terrific backup. He'd do great behind that line of ours. He might even extend his career four or five years. Think of it... that crazy good defence of ours would be on HIS side for a change. No more beatings at the hands of guys like Jefferson or Jeffcoat.


Harris doesn't pass the eyeball test to me. His arm is weaker and fading. He's a shadow of his former Redblack prime self.

This could be the end of the road for Trevor Harris who has played for 4 out of the 9 CFL teams :thinking: When you look at his career stats in passing yardage-24,453 yards with 134 TDS and 59 INTS. The simple math tells me, his average passing yards are 2,717 per season :question: I am not sure he wants to be a back-up quarterback at this stage of his career. :interrobang:

P.S. You know the old saying :question: You want to see Canada :question: Play in the Canadian Football League :football: :canada: :us: :rofl:

With the QB shortage I would be surprised a healthy Harris doesn't have a spot somewhere to land .

If you are not number one at the start of the season it's very conceivable you maybe number one by the end of the season with the team that landed you or somewhere else .


He would be third string in Winnipeg behind McGuire because they really like McGuire and that is how O'Shea works.


It was Desjardins that wouldn't re-sign him in Ottawa.
Now that Desjardins has gone, Ottawa could sign Harris.
The backups in Ottawa looked promising but they need one more year or so on the sidelines

Harris would be an outstanding back up in the Peg. If he has an offensive line that can give him time in the pocket he can shred teams, I have said it before and I will say it again.

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Harris would be a great starter in Edmonton or Ottawa. Of all the QBs that the Elks and Redblacks had this year, he's better than all of them.

The dropping of Harris is a strange event. Who did the Als trade for him when he came from Edmonton? For Montreal to just release him without any benefit to the team doesn't make sense. There had to be a deal cut somewhere - or were the Elks just doing Montreal a favour? Where Harris lands will tell the tale.

Go Stamps Go

I would be surprised if Trevor Harris to Ottawa as a #1 and returning hero would sell many new season tickets. He might fit in Sask but Fajardo makes too much to sit.

My guess is he will be high on the list of last resorts after player signings start to happen. Possibly an in season injury replacement if he stays in shape.

Do you believe he's a bit gunshy?