Alouettes Release Jerome Messam

TSN's Farhan Lalji, says Messam has been released by the Als.
Where does he end up?

I'm thinking, a Canadian RB with Messam's potential doesn’t come around often. If I'm the RedBlack's GM, I'm signing him ASAP. Ratio breaker can help a new club big time. And if Chevy Walker is your guy, you need an upgrade.

I was never impressed by him.

I know Winnipeg said they aren't interested, and they are going import for RB. But should you not at least take a look? Or is he that bad?

He's just very one dimensional. He's not great at catching the ball out of the backfield, not interested in being used as a fullback or playing special teams. Also had some meniscus surgery in one or both knees, can't remember.

Today, no running back can afford to be one-dimensional, particularly if you're a national trying to play at a position that is still normally reserved for internationals. Cornish is an example of a guy who does it all for Calgary, which is why he's the starter. the fact he's been a bit of a 'head-case' in the past and seeking employment under no-nonsense Mike O., just won't work...Pass :wink:

he's still an improvement over Chevy "i don't block" Walker.

But Messam isn't a great blocker either.

but he's canadian, and thus frees up a spot for an 'international'.
whatever. i don't really care. just made sense to me for Ottawa to bring him in.

Boy I'd stay away from Messam.

with BC. smuggled a girl into training cap dorm.
Broke Paris Jackson jaw in a locker room fight.
Leadership players demanded that Buono get rid of him. He did.

Edmonton: one good year.
Goes to NFL...Gets hurt and Cut
Back to Edmonton with no results. Lots of off field stories.
Dumped to Montreal

Montreal: Little or no results. Gets cut in second training camp.

So baggage, poor teammate history, one good year. Could do one thing fairly well in his one good year.. Straight ahead running.

No issue whatsoever in Montreal as far as fans heard. I don't think his rep his deserved.

The Riders are taking the right approach and Chambain summed it up that when a player like him becomes available you at least look into it.
Was a problem in BC, Was a big time player in Edmonton, and did not seem to be much of a problem at all in Montreal. Did look like he was used as a teams player and also blocking and catching came with the deal in Montreal. So it would not be out of the question that he has matured and is now open to getting better as a blocker and play teams.
Looking for a back up with experience and the potential to be a feature back again well worth a look for a few teams.
Owners definetely have more money now and there will be players on the new 6 game IR to start the season who are there for other reasons besides injury.

i just remembered Chad Kackert retired, so Toronto has a hole to fill at RB as well.

Y, Toronto was one of the teams that first jumped into mind for me. They could team him with Anthony Coombs and make RB a national spot on the roster. The problem I think is that most teams still prefer to use an INT as their feature back, despite the success of guys like Cornish and Harris. He really hurt his career here by going to the NFL, hasn't gotten much of a chance. He got on the field some with the Als last year due to injuries and I think prorated over a full season he would've topped 1000 yards rushing, but not enough to make people take notice.

Messam would really have to become a great blocker in that offense, which maybe he could be with some effort. That offense with all the RB needs to do has cut down Whiteker in his second year the starter and now Kackert. Could be a position in which should be shared a bit. I dont think they want to cut down Coombs so quickly but sharing sometime at RB as well as receiver may be the best use of him for now.

Yeah, Milanovich comes from the Trestman background. In his system, an RB is a blocker first and a runner second. I can’t see it TBH.