Alouettes Release Greene

It was reported in today's edition of The Montreal Gazette that the Montreal Alouettes have released quarterback Nealon Greene.

nice, cats will deinatley pick him up.


Nealon Greene typifies our league

An athletic QB that went out of his way to be fan friendly ... and play to his best

U rock ... Nealon :thup:

That would be HUGE!!! I would love to see Nealon in black and gold. He would be exactly what we need although I like Rocky Butler a lot, if we could sign Green that would finish us for the QB position and then we can focus on others like Receiver! I Hope someone in the Ti-Cats front office reads into this release and gets a deal done before that blue team grabs him.

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Thats the active roster...I didnt see Green there

oh right, there are other QB's in Montreal. It's hard for anyone to shine in AC's shadow there. :wink:

Nealon Greene is awful. He's had plenty of chances to prove himself in this league. Replaced in both Sask and Edmonton. He's near the end of his career and bringing him in for anything more then a TC arm would be a mistake!

I still think he soild #2 QB
He has Been Starter in this league..
Charlie has worked with Worse look at at AC.

He turned AC around I think he do it with Nelon.

he could probably do it with Nealon, OR Jason, OR Rocky...take your pick

er...correction, Charlie will take HIS pick

I like him as a person but somehow he never seemed to completely transition from the young guy with running back moves and happy feet to the polished passer.

omg I can't believe people on here actually want him. What's next a Ted White: bring him to Hamilton thread.

IF You Want I can Start one :twisted:

How about Tee Martin?

Tee Martin is a better choice then Greene! If you recall the Als v. Argos last year the Argos offence didn't cross half the whole game but Greene managed to help them out by throwing a horrible pick. That's been his MO his entire career.

Please note that WAS NOT an endorsement of Tee Martin! :smiley:

I would opt for Brad Banks if any FA QBs are going to be snapped up now. I am waiting conifrmation of whether an ESk QB is coming over in the reported Goss deal.

Marcel has a target of 4 QBs for the starter's competition camp. He may have just reached it.

Oski Wee Wee,