Alouettes Release Gavin Walls

This article by Kirk Penton in the Winnipeg Sun reports that the Alouettes, who acquired Gavin Walls from the Bombers for non-import defensive end Stan van Sichem just a few days ago, have released him after an unsuccessful attempt to renegotiate his $120,000 per season contract. The release occurs just days before Walls is due to receive a $15,000 bonus.

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We should pick him up, you can never have enough good pass rushers.


All Contract the Taman where Over Done.. in the Peg

Goodspeed Glen Walls

This guy is going to hurt the Greenriders ..

I'm thinking either Walls was being too greedy or maybe just doesn't want to play in Montreal. The Bomber/Al games in 09 showed a lot of hatred between the 2 teams.

He will get signed by someone. I'm sure he wants more than Obie would pay for him so I don't expect him in the Hammer.

If I were Obie, I would take a run at Walls, offering him money to be a rotational rusher. His experience could help.

Does that mean he would have to use the "spin move" on every down?

He is 30 years old and did show somewhat of a decline last year, but I would still take look for the right price if I was a GM.

Word is that he has just re-signed...One and One

With the Als or Bombers? Source?


Als One+one

8) The Al's have also announced the signing of ex Argo QB Cody Pickett today.
  Source is

  By the way, since the Al's have signed Gavin Walls to a new contract, they have avoided paying him his $15,000 bonus

  that was due to him on his old contract !!!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

  CFL players should just forgo having a bonus in their contracts, because in all likelihood, they are never going to get it !!

The Als signed Cody Pickett? And I thought Jim Popp was a smart GM.

An Argo-Cat fan

What's so bad about having a 3rd stringer with lot's of CFL in game XP?

8) You're right. Jim Popp is no fool. He obviously sees something he likes in Cody Pickett for the future, other than the
   fact that Cody in all likelihood came pretty cheap at this point in time.     <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->