Alouettes Regroup For Close Win

At the begining of tonights game the Als showed some of their old swagger as they scored a touchdown in their first series of downs.A couple of trick plays contributed to this drive. Stalla passed for a first down off a kick situation and Lapointe took a direct snap to keep the touchdown drive going. The offensive star for the Als was Edwards who gained over 100 yards and demonstrated great strength by carrying Winnipegs defenders with him as he bulled his way to yard after yard in a crushing performance.The Als,recognizing that Edwards has not the speed to run outside,came up with the end around play by giving the ball to Watkins who has the required speed for such a play. The team must continue to give the Ball to Edwards as they need a ground game for Calvillo to be successful with the pass and the end around play can give balance to the ground attack. The offensive line was effective as Calvillo had time to wait for his receivers to get open.He did have to run for his life at times but in general he was supported by this line who also gave Edwards the openings he needed.Anwar Stewart played exceptionally well in this game displaying quarterback sacks,open field tackles and took turns as a tight end with one long 50 yard catch and run.Oneil Wilson has emerged as a strong receiver in the past few games. Wilson, a Canadian out of Toronto who played US ball in the Northeast,showed great promise in his first year with the Als but the past years he was relegated to second string and special teams He has emerged as a dependable receiver.Stala and Anderson have had trouble catching the ball this year and Wilson has stepped up his play and is now a number one receiver.Last week Winnipeg dominated offensive plays by their crossover passing patterns.Tonight the Als were prepared for these patterns by occasionally having the defensive tackles stepping back and by moving their linebackers up more.This was a nailbiter of a game as Coulbourne gave Winnipeg a touchdown by his fumble.The team misses Landry who seems to have vanished.The Winnipeg team played well with Derek Armstrong's outstanding receptions.Stegal and Roberts displayed their usual good offensive skills.Despite one slip in pass coverage, Omar Evans was effective in his linebacking role.Evans was an Alouette until Matthews made his infamous decision to replace his corners with two new NFL cuts and Ricky Ray threw over them all night as Edmonton blew the Als out in a past Grey Cup.Evans is still playing in the CFL but the other two corners are long gone.Lets hope we have the beginnings of an emergence for the Als.

Actually if we are talking about the same play, Cahoon took the snap and flipped it forward to Lapointe.

Not surprise by the win at all but all power to you

What do you guys think, was it an incomplete pass on third down or a compeletion and a fumble. I was very surprised that Berry didnt challenge that one.

So was I Piggy. I figured Berry did not see the replays we saw. When I saw we had a break with that one, I started thinking we might finally have a game going our way.

Regardless of what Berry might have saw, in that case you have to throw the flag, you just never know how the refs are going to call it, if he had to do it again, I think he would have thrown it, but of course we can say that now since the Als got the TD out of it.