Alouettes, Quebec's team

Seeing that the Montreal Alouettes are considered the province of Quebec's professional football team. Do you think there will ever be a regular season game at Telus Stadium in Quebec city? The Toronto vs. Saskatchewan game in Nova Scotia got me thinking of having regular season games in markets other than the home team. What do you think?


Forget it. There is NO WAY that the Laval University will allow the Als to play in their stadium. Not to mention that QC is a 2.5 hour drive from Montreal. The Riders are Saskatchewan's team and they don't play games in Sakatoon which is bigger than Regina. It accomplishes nothing. The Best place to experience an Als game is at Molson Stadium.

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Does that have something to do with the Usport rivalry Laval vs. Carabin or just bad blood between both entities?

I think it’s a good promotion for the league.


The Alouettes have played twice in preseasom games at Laval University in the last 20 years. Both had underwhelming public response..

Not sure what the sporting-cultural situation is on the ground in Quebec City. Perhaps a team of their own would be a better sell.

I strongly believe the 10th team should be Quebec City
I maintain this will increase interest within Montreal as it is a natural rival, it will bring parity (balance) to the league and (hopefully) would even increase interest with french speaking Canadians, maybe even generate some additional media coverage


The Rouge et Or have a great football tradition. The French equivalent of the Maudit Mustangs :grinning:.

My understanding this those involved with the Rouge et Or see the CFL as a competitor. As they own the stadium unless a new one is built they're the gatekeeper for the league into Quebec City so they'll gladly keep the gate closed.

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I was there (was it in 2000?) : we were about 10,000 seated on a piece of wood at 50$ for a pre-season game. I don't call that 'underwhelming public response', just a money grabbing from the Als...

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Interesting Goose. Only in Canada eh?

From my understanding there is land near the arena they built for a soccer/football stadium .

The best foot forward would be to have the dual purpose of CPL and CFLfranchise together in QC with dual ownership .

The 8 k for the CPL and getting maybe 18 to 20 k for the CFL is now doable so there is more activity in the area they are building up with that new arena . More traffic in the warm weather is a bonus .

Plus the area is already been planned out with studies and needed infrastructure water , sewer and roads .

A reasonable stadium could be built there and most likely approved with the right ownership with civic /provincial influence and some financial backing .

The aLs ownership most likely would be extremely happy with having a provincial rival for potential gates and the extra media coverage of much needed publicity that goes with the new provincial rivalry .


I think this perception is from 10-15 years ago. I wonder if things have changed at all since. And if not . . . what would it take for them to change their mind?

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The cheapest and quickest option .

There is room to squeeze in 6k to 8 k seats to bring capacity up to 18 or 19 k for the CFL team but a Grey Cup would be difficult to get seating up to a standard there without a demo .

It could suffice to gauge interest but a new pro facility would be much better to make the CFL attempt to get a strong following day one .


Well...the NHL to Houston was the same kind of thing before Fertitta bought the Rockets... could also say the same for Atlanta... maybe even Phoenix if the Coyotes Tempe plan falls apart

Maybe have Genius Sports buy a stake in the school :wink:

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What I do know is, Rouge et Or supporters are ALL IN! Very strong core fanbase. Just dont know if thats enough to transfer to CFL.


I think the reason they played there was because they were uprooting trees out Molson stadium's concrete stands.

Yup and 2015 a Redblacks pre season game was put there due to a scheduling conflict with the Women's World Cup.

There has never been a true effort to engage the interest in the market. Without the prospects of a suitable stadium, I don't think there ever will be

I'd like to see the league hold its GM meetings and the national combine in Quebec City every 5-10 years or so. Put some spotlight on the Laval athletes in connection with the CFL game and at least let the market know they are valued by the league.


Alouettes Training camp to be held in Trois-Rivieres May 15-June 2nd. Glad to see the president making a decision to reach out to the rest of the province.

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