Alouettes Quarterbacks 2018

Any thoughts?

Durant - too expensive and the wrong side of 30.
Shiltz - not big enough body of work to say no.
Pipkin - bring him to training camp and let him get reps in the exhibition games.
Harris - see what he can do in the mini-camp in Florida.

Free Agents
Collaros - needs a change of scenery but I still think he ends up in Toronto.
Glenn - Does he make a return? and at what cost(1st overall pick in Draft)
Fajardo - I think he can play in this league. Like his upside. requires patience.

Manziel - What cost to get him? Do the Als need the media side show?
Tommy Armstrong - see link

Zach Terrell - see link

Devante Kincaid - at 6ft and 190 pounds.He won't get many NFL looks.Made for CFL

Ken Hill - Forget Manziel. this is the guy the Als should go after.His father played for the Expos
from 92-94.

You left out Masoli and Franklin

The Wiki link for Armstrong says he is with the Rouge et Noir

Kincaid's highlights look like he throws a nice ball ... but of course highlights always look good ... worth a look

Kenny Hill was born just after his Dad's last season the with the Expos. His stats from 2016 read like a project ( 17/13 on TD/Int ratio, passer rating dropped); and his switching schools and a 2016 public intoxication arrest and subsequent suspension during the 2014 off-season are at least worthy of careful research. His 2016-17 highlights look good ... but they always do. Interesting prospect

CY, you have probably done more scouting than Joe Mack!

Kincaid can really toss a football! He looks made for the CFL with his size and mobility, as well as his ability to throw on the run.

Drowsy Joe don't scout - he still subscribes to Football Weakly!

Anyhew, Joe is just a seniors project that Kavis dredged up in his memory - when his rolodex failed to produce any legit football prospects!

Right now he just drains the Als coffee fund, costs the team about $150 to $175k and works mostly as Kavis' translator.

He's tremendous at excuses - extending his and Kavis' employment but his actual track record for winning is suspect.

Long lost relative of Charles Ponzi. . . . . NOT Vince Lombardi

If the als get any of the recruits(minus manziel) I will personally watch every game those rookies play.

I fully expect another washed up no talent waste of money overpaid under performing pile of racid goat excrement at QB though.

Free Agents Collaros - needs a change of scenery but I still think he ends up in Toronto. Glenn - Does he make a return? and at what cost(1st overall pick in Draft) Fajardo - I think he can play in this league. Like his upside. requires patience.
Glenn is not a Free Agent and Collaros is not a Free Agent (yet)

If you think Kavis is willing to part with the 1st overall, he would already have Collaros

There are a bunch of QB's available this off season and very few starting opportunities. As dumb as Kavis is, there is no need to part with more draft picks. They sat in front of the press and said they were commited to rebuilding with youth. Getting ride of the 1st and 2nd round pick would be another blow to the little credibility if any they have left.

Hill was added to the Montreal Alouettes negotiation list on August 29, 2014, according to 3DownNation’s Justin Dunk when he was at Texas A&M and Jim Popp was general manager for Montreal.

Hill may not be available ... this site ranks him 16 of 114 QBs for the 2018 draft

I know I am a minority in thinking this way, but I am hugely disappointed to see Zack Collaros land in Sask. I would have liked to see Mike Sherman resurrect Collaros` career with the Als. I did not consider Collaros injury prone, QB injuries usually being random occurrences . He just needs to regain confidence.

I am certain Masoli will re-sign with the Tiger Cats, leaving Franklin as the only other decent QB possibility. And it is hard to see the Als out seducing the Argos for Franklin`s services.

Leaving the the Als with another season of QB issues.

All part of Reed's 10 point Matrix plan.

Im good with this.

Still leaves the chance for the als to find their own QB to groom as opposed to trying to bring in another savior.

A wise man once said...

The answer is in that lockeroom - Marc Bergevin


Easier said than done though. Looking at the CFL as a whole - all 9 teams - the last 3 years (2015-2017) only 3 decent young QBs entered the league. And Jennings, Franklin and Bridge all came in 2015. Nobody since then.

We are certainly blessed with our GMs, aren`t we.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Une transaction gagnant-gagnant

Le départ de Collaros assure presque le maintien de Masoli à Hamilton à moins d'un revirement spectaculaire. Masoli semble cadrer avec la philosophie de June Jones. Il pourra développer un quart de soutien qui coûtera moins chère que Collaros De plus, avec 4 choix au prochain repêchage en deux tours, Tillman sera comme un enfant dans une confiserie. Est-ce un signe que les Ti-cats feront de la place pour Manziel?

Pour les Roughriders, ça permet de mettre Collaros dans une situation sans pression comme 2e ou 3e quart (je doute que Chris Jones l'envoie comme partant), mais ça veut aussi dire que la place de l'un des quarts (soit Glenn, Bridge ou Adams Jr) est en danger.

Du point de vue des Alouettes, je doute que Collaros aurait été un bon atout. Oui il aurait sûrement mieux fait que Durant, et l'expérience de Mike Sherman lui aurait sûrement apporté un confort structurel et organisationnel, mais le nerf de la guerre reste la ligne à l'attaque et les receveurs. C'est ce que Kavis Reed doit impérativement régler d'ici juin.

I don't assume ZC is a RRer to stay. Its reported that he has a $200K bonus due February 1st, so RRs have four weeks to restructure his deal as I cannot see them risking that much money on a QB who has thrown passes in fewer games each season since 2013.