Alouettes QB situation

I think its time we put to bed :" Way to go Adrian" " what if AC struggles " and "when does Adrian come in if AC struggles." I agree so today I am attempting to reframe these posts and look at these issues from a positive perspective. HFxTc , I believe focused on the issue of AC's status of as does jmk, who notes " the coach will always use his potent weapon" and that, of course has been AC. AC " who does not does deserve to be pulled " will produce and, most important the issue now is what will happen to the Als QB situation now that we have an excellent younger QB waiting in the wings. All of the above posters believe that Trestman must now formulate a plan to utilize these two players in a manner to do justice to Calvillo's status and, give McPh the opportunity to get game playing time. I'm certain this can be accompished while meeting the needs of these two fine QBs. Another note stated that AC earned his starting role now as he has had for years. Rightly so!

I believe the issue is what happens now and, what will Trestman do with respect to both QB's. Now means what will happen in todays game, the play offs and, hopefully the Grey Cup game. Dave Stalla made some interesting remarks earlier in the week when he stated that "the only disappointment in football I have had was getting in seven Grey cup games and never winning the Grey Cup". This reflects on AC's one important issue that he has not been succesful in the Grey Cup game. With AC as QB the team has won two grey Cup games. In 02 the team struggled to win its first GC game. AC was awarded the MVP in that game despite the fact that he really did not shine and, I believe Jeremny Copeland deserved the award for his pass catching and his getting the ball late in the game when the ESKS attempted a shirt kickoff late in the game and ran into the endzone therby winning the game for Montreal. In last year's GC game I thought the Als win was not for their excellence on the field but, for their blind luck when Sask had the 13th man on the field. Mind you, the Als put on an amazing seven minutes of football but the game was lost by SASK because of stupid defending - the 13th man episode.

So, in my thinking, the Als coaching staff now should be planning the use of the two very good QB's in the coming weeks as we approach another Grey Cup game. As noted, this has been an area of concern for Calvillo for several seasons and, we should be examining our strength as we approach the coming Grey Cup game. We have two excellent QBs and we must use both of then. Calvillo should not be pulled, as one posted indicated but, Trestman should devise a plan to use both QBs. Calvillo was horrible, but for the last 7 minutes in 09 he was a part of a team that was quite amazing in those final minutes.
The team rose to the challenge, at that time, but, the game was won a fluke. So it is now up tp Trestman to come up with a plan that will be different in 09. The plan will hopefully involve these two QB's which, in my opinion, will make them a better team than 09.

I quite agree that we need to start platooning QBs as soon as possible. But I am not at all sure that we'll see it happen. Calvillo stayed in the whole game yesterday. Now, some of that may be due to him wanting to shake off rust, but Trestman hasn't shown any inclination to do more than give the backup garbage time in the fourth quarter when the backup isn't even allowed to pass the football. I'd love to see us integrate an Adrian package into the playbook and use it at different points in the game when the outcome is still in doubt.

I was simply amazed, especially since the Als had such a big lead in the first half, that McPh was not at all involved in yesterdays game. I am beginning to think that Trestman has made up his mind to continue only with AC and the west coast offence. Yesterday despite the great blocking, of Woodruff which helped Cobourne's running game , it would appear that our team will just struggle along again with pass, pass ,pass etc. Remember we nearly lost the Grey Cup game in 09 and will be good candidates for another Grey Cup loss this year unless Trestman moves to integrate McPh into the game.

Only thing I'll disagree with is your assessment of our 09 Grey Cup win. Not blind luck at all: we fought like wolves in the fourth quarter to come back and win and would have won even without the 13th man if Duval hadn't missed the FG kick and earlier shanked a punt that basically gave SSK an extra three points. Our ability to fight through adversity in the big game was huge, and a total team effort.

I do agree that Cobourne was instrumental to that victory, which is why it's baffling to see him reduced to a pass-blocking afterthought in our offense this season.

I'll mention again that I witnessed an exodus after the 1st half....from the sports bar where I was watching the '09 Cup. While everybody that left no doubt felt pretty foolish as they floated down St. Catherine's on Parade can understand the impulse. Still...if Calvillo remembers ONE shining moment when retirement finally'll be those last 10 minutes against Saskatchewan. Nobody can EVER take that away from him

If I have one wish for Anthony Calvillo, it's that he wins the Grey Cup this year (and next?) and rides into the sunset in a blaze of glory. His best shot....I know I'm biased...but I really believe his best shot is to team up with Adrian McPherson and TEAR THIS LEAGUE UP

I can't believe Trestman the Alouettes or Calvillo himself can't see it.

As I have said in earlier posts, the only thing that may go against "platooning" both QBs is if egos start getting in the way.

No doubt that AC is and has been the franchise, and for that matter one of the greatest CFL QBs of all time, but his time is waning. We saw a very battered Ricky Ray yesterday, a QB who was once the terror of the CFL and could easily shred the best Ds in the league, a mere shell of his former self. I wouldn't want to see AC end his career that way, nor lose AD at the end of this season for not being played enough.

C'mon Als management - use your heads!

I'd like to see it as well -- the Als riding a platoon QB system to another Grey Cup victory, allowing Calvillo to retire on a high note while giving us the chance to make Adrian the starter. But I don't think it's going to happen. When Calvillo is healthy, Trestman plays him exclusively outside of short-yardage conversions and fourth-quarter garbage time in which the poor backup QB isn't even allowed to throw the ball.

I am, however, hoping that in the offseason, we are able to reach an accommodation with Adrian by sitting him down with Popp, Trestman, and Calvillo and hammering out a platoon system for the 2011 season. If we show good faith that we are willing to start transitioning Adrian into the starter role and everyone buys in, I believe Adrian will stick with us. If, however, we make more hollow promises just so Anthony can break all Damon Allen's records, we are going to lose the most talented QB prospect we've had on our team since ... Anthony Calvillo.

Hear hear!

We need to make a move now! As I have noted elswhere Calvillo does not seem to be effective in two halves of football. He was horrible in the second half on sunday and, was horrible in the first half in the Grey Cup game. All our losses in the GC were not all his fault- our new corners, the other team's running QBs.... our defensive line..etc have let down as well. I just believe that we have now the defense for a Grey Cup win but the offense.....look at all your posts on the last game...look at all your posts this year re lack of a running game...which you have been writing all season. I challenge you all- go and review all the posts this year that you have made which...did indicate that the offense was lacking. Just look and see for yourselves!
The short passes [ too many ], the west coast offense [ not up to scratch ] etc. Our offense can be the winner this year if, we have McPh's help with the offence!

Discipline:In thinking of your above remarks I looked up the stats on the 09 Grey Cup game. You are quite correct that the Als " fought like wolves" in their efforts to catch up and ultimately beat Sask. AC had the most passing yardage in the game and Sask was ahead on the run.The stats show Montreal with greater offensive power than the Riders. I was suprised as the stats did not reveal Sask as the dominent team.Montreal's two fumbles do stand out. I remember that for more that 3/4 of the game I watched in horror as I had that sick feeling that we being dismantled. Today as I looked at the stats I discovered that our team was not overwelmed by Sask although, they did catch a heck of a break in the final minute. It was a deserved win!

Interview with Adrian McPherson's Agent-Part Two

CJAD: "He was your point guard in High School and Adrian told me this week that his basketball experience helped him succeed in football almost instantly, ah did you think he'd be that gifted a football player as well"

Washington: "Well I knew he was an excellent football player but a lot of people don't realize Adrian was a legitimate, division one property Pro Basketball player as well. I mean he was just as good as a basketball player I mean so you have a lot of guys sometimes that play basketball that are football guys...they're athletes, but Adrian was a skilled basketball guy. North Carolina, Duke University...all those guys made visits down to Bradenton to recruit Adrian so, I mean, he was a bonafide prospect basketball-wise and played on the national circuit so he just a was a kid who was talented in just everything he did, baseball, basketball and football so his talent level and also his hard work and determination is really unmeasured. He's just a kid who loves to compete.

CJAD: " Hey Eliot, it's Ed Philion here it's a...what I find about Adrian and you talked about all his physical just how humble he is, in the locker room and how humble he is a as an athlete when this is a guy who, like you said, basketball and football player was one of the best coming out of the state of Florida."

Washington: "I mean the kid...I mean as far as being humble...he's a guy that works harder than anyone I've coached and I've had quite a few guys...."
"...I've had quite a few guys that came out of Bradenton Southeast High School that were very, very talented, but Adrian, you gotta remember that when he was playing football, you have 2 1/2 hours of football and then he'll come in and put another hour or so on the basketball...individual work. So this is a kid that you know, tears down the weight room if you see him you can definitely definitely tell that he never stops working and um he keeps a level head about himself. I mean he;s been through a couple of things..."
"...he's a kid that...he just wants to be great and just wants to be a legitimate starting quarterback. So I mean he's had to wait his turn...but he's been built to do that so...I'm real proud and happy how he's handled everything.

CJAD: "Well Adrian made two confessions to me this week Eliot. One is a serious case of "resume inflation" and another one, ah goes to his heart and how he puts happiness ahead of other things. He told me that when he first talked to your High School football coach back in the day and he'd decided he wanted to play asked "what position do you play" and Adrian without hesitation said, "I play quarterback". He of course had never taken a snap in his life (coach laughs) and they gave him a shot right away at quarterback and then he said that by halftime he decided he was going to quit because they started him at quarterback that first game, he threw one pass to the incumbent starting quarterback and then (they) benched Adrian the rest of the first half and let the "real" #1 go back there and Adrian was ready to quit...good thing he didn't."

"Washington: "Yah, I remember the situation. I don't remember the details...cause I wasn't involved in the discussion. I remember the situation. I was at the game. A lot of the people in the stands were shocked because...Adrian threw the pass and then he came back and sat down and it was like...even at that point as a freshman he was the better quarterback on that team. But Ken? was the senior...the coach let the senior guy with a little more experience play."

CJAD: "Eliot. Thanks for joining us. Let me hear you're best Go Als Go"

Washington: "GO ALS GO"

Well, I only hope AD and his agent will be singing the same tune by season's end.

Avec ce qu'on dit de lui, AM va peut-être magasiner un peu.

Il veut être partant, et la meilleure vraie opportunité qui risque de s'ouvrir est à Montréal. Si j'étais son agent, je lui dirais signe avec les Alouettes encore pour un an et on verra après.