Alouettes Press Conferene scheduled

Supposedly a major announcement (decision) for the future of the Alouettes will be discussed tomorrow. Jim Popp likely to stay on as G.M.

I do think they will go after Marc Trestman again but do not think he will take the job. Why? he had a good thing once and he has fond memories of the Alouettes and the city of Montreal. He aint Wally Buono you can't go home twice and expect the good ole days to return.

I think the Alouettes are in good spot with Vernon Adams and with Popp doing what he does best, recruiting.

Expect them to go hard after Ottawa Red Blacks and Blue Bombers assistant coaches Jamie Elizondo and Paul LaPolice

Wish it was Toronto with breaking news.

I could see Montreal keeping the status quo at coaching and gm and Toronto going hard for Trestman as gm and coach. Just my opinion, any thoughts?

....Don't see LaPolice wanting to take another job...Wpg. is his home and the family could have a lot to say about a move..HOWEVER....IF the money is right, one never knows for sure..

Montreal isn't going after Lapolice or Elizondo.
The entire staff is under contract for next year including JC (albeit as a position coach)

Montreal will be going after a Veteran QB, of those who could be available are Nichols, Durant, Tate,Burris and Glenn (JC said that was a bad decision).

Brouillette and Giguere are returning.

Likely FA: Jovon Johnson, Billy Parker, John Crompton and LBJ,Mat Boulay.

Nick Lewis would like to return but JC said to be discussed, made reference to Wally who often decided to move on a year early rather than a year too late. He also added that Nick was a big part of what the Als did on offense.

In terms of money (minus typical raises) and assuming the Als are within the SMS guidelines. The GM will have roughly a million dollars to play with to rework the roster, some of that money will go to a veteran QB, LT Foucault and the rest likely spent on receivers and DT.

Carter 250
Stafford 150
LBJ 150
Glenn 225
Parker 140
Crompton (Can't count)
johnson 100

Vernon Adams will be Montreal starter for sure next year. Looks great. Good for MTL to get a great QB. star in the making. thats why they traded their 1st for him.

It would be Toronto breaking wind.

He was good.

Could be related to this: Popp's absence called 'fishy' as Alouettes clean out lockers on forgettable season

$500K for Popp, Maybe the owner should ask Popp to take a pay cut,
Popp didn't seem to have any problem asking his players to take one. :wink:

For all involved it is time to move on. The fans have had their fill , the agents, the players, the press...

Andrew has taken over from his dad in recent months and has been very hands on. I suspect an amicable parting of the ways and Andrew bringing in a young new GM like Sunderland to kickstart a new era for this organization.

Would not surprise me to see Jim and Trestman take over in Toronto.

I think the Als need a steady-eddy to run the ship for a few years vs. the flamboyant/erratic Popp. Wouldn't surprise me if they brought in someone like Tom Higgins as GM - try to sign Paul LaPolice as HC. However, Winnipeg has Plop locked for 2 years with the highest pay packet of any assistant in the league (according to Lawless). The bombers have the worst DC in the league now - Rich Hall. They won't want to go to the market to find another OC - where there's only 4 or 5 good ones in a 9 team circuit.

Betting line on next Als coach:

45% Jacque Chapdelaine
33% Noel Thorpe
22% Paul Lapolice (but only if they compensate bombers with a starter and a top draft pick in 2018, a starter like Bear Woods)

You should have your book store checked for mold and fungus.

Jim Popp out as GM MTL

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from the team

“The leadership of Jim over the past twenty years has left a legacy of football our fans, while Montreal has won three Grey Cups and eight division titles during his time with the team. We are grateful for his dedication and for his personal sacrifices. We know that this team is in position to regain the path to victory in 2017, “said the owner of the Alouettes, Bob Wetenhall.
The organization has already begun seeking its next CEO. “We are fully committed to bringing the Grey Cup in Montreal and our record in recent years is unacceptable, said the main governor Alouettes Andrew Wetenhall. Our next CEO will have to adhere to three basic principles of the organization is to deliver Championship football to our fans, to place our players and our employees in a position to succeed and give back to the community of Montreal and Quebec. “

Wow. I did not think the Ws would have the courage to do this. Good for them. It seems to be a mutual decision, too, which is great. I'm glad that Jim recognizes that it's time to move on. He's been the franchise in many ways since its return to the league and as fans we'll always remember and honor that. I hope he takes time off to consider his next move.

Now, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, let's not hire Dancin' Danny into the GM role! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Pope will not be GM of the Alouettes in 2017 an noted by the football team today.

I'm guessing, given his past track record, that this wasn't Popp's choice. But of course he has to make it sound like a mutual parting of ways. As someone once told me, if you're being run out of town, it's best to get in front, stay in front, walk proud, and make it look like a parade.

I wonder if his rumored $300K Salary Cap overspending is true?
It will be a burden for his successor if it is true!

He's done a lot of good work for the Als there is no reason why he should be dragged out of town roped behind a horse.

.....Poor helluva gm sums it up for me.....I never understood why Jim wanted to pound his head against 'a coaching brick wall'....he was never a coach...He sure found players for the Als. organization though, and they're going to miss that...So where does Jim Popp take his services next??...I don't believe he will leave the CFL and where he could land is anyone's guess..Most likely down east as I think the Argo's are going to clean house...We shall see