Alouettes Pre-season tix?

I've never been to McGill Stadium, and hosting guests from Wales who are huge rugby fans that would like to see a CFL game... Since Ottawa won't be playing until next year, Montreal's the closest to catch a game. When can I buy 4 tickets to the June 13th pre seaon game in Montreal? What's a good section to sit in? Merci. Go Als '13, Go RedBlacks '14!! :wink:

Still don’t understand the (Indians/Communists)African-Americans as a team name.

BluesMan, les billets seront en vente en ligne dès le 10 mai. Bienvenue aux Alouettes! :rockin:

Merci LeStaf. Je vais "checker" ca le 10 mai. Les Als edition 2013 devrait etre assez interessant! :smiley:

Plenty of good seats should be available. There was only 20,000 and change at last year's pre-season game. Hope we can have at least that many this year. Have fun. Only 39 days to go.

Driving in from Ottawa... where's the best place for me to park?

Well with Montreal construction and traffic, probably Kingston.

But seriously I usually park on the street on Cote St. Catherine, a little west of Mount Royal. It`s a fair walk, but then you go through Parc Jeanne Mance which can be fun.

There is also Wilder Penfield but I think there`s construction going on now.


Don't even think of parking around Molson stadium. I park near a metro station, get off at either McGill (green line) or Square Victoria (Orange line), then hop on a free shuttle. Saves lots of frustration.

Lesser affluent stations are the best because you can easily park around them. LaSalle in Verdun is one of those, and it's just off the 15 South, but might be hard to access around rush hour. There's parking around Angrignon, which you can access by exiting the 20 eastbound before congestion normally starts.

Most seats are good at Molson stadium, unless you're in the end zones.

I would say that is very good advice AlsPhil has given out Blues man. Anyone who drives and looks for parking anywhere near the stadium is screwed. Why ruin a fun night or afternoon with the chaos of parking. I'm a fan of taking the metro and hoping on the free shuttle bus that departes from various points that AlsPhil mentioned.

If you do get endzone seats, I recommend the East endzone. More sun and they are allivated a bit more I think.

Have fun.

Oh yeah, if you get there earlier and you want to take in some of the pre-game get togeather. Join us at the tailgate party located just up the trail from the east endzone. Bring your own food and you can use the grill. All are welcome including those who support the visiting team. Here is the site and if you have any questions about the Trailgate, just contact La Legende.

Le Chugg.

Great advice thanks guys. Thinking of a pregame meal at BarB-Barn, and hoping to be wearing my REDBLACKS cap (but will cheer for the Als :wink: ), will def check it out! :smiley:

Worst name ever in the CFL, including the Concordes, barracudas, posse and Mad Dogs.

The new minor-minor league basketball team nixed Tomahawks, hopefully OSEG learned from that.

"Blacks" as a name for a sports franchise is in poor taste, and be it Red or the implied plural Reds it is either Tomahawk-ish or somehow associates communism with football.

The New Zealand All Blacks were named over a hundred years ago, so hardly a comparable to justify it.

There are examples ofquestionable names out there, but in judging a new one I think it's important to consider intent, and assume some kind of sanity behind it. 'Redblacks' is in poor taste only if the intent is to denigrate minorities, or if it is done naively using outdated standards. Does anyone truly believe the Ottawa team wishes to insult minorities, including fans and players? Has their lack of rigour made them - and their media consultants - miss the boat completely? Possible, but it's such a stretch that most people would likely think that red and black are simply the team colours, like Rouge et Or and like Vert et Or.

Speaking of which, I'll be wearing my red, white and blue on the 13th.

I don`t think they had any negatve intentions, but I assume they did test marketing. If there was negative feedback why alienate your potential fan base when there were so many other options.

Sounds like it was Hunt`s ego trip. Hopefully for the team he does not have any when it comes to football operations.

As I said all along,why an S to Black. If adjective,you can’t have an S. If name,I hope the minorities will protest. To me, REDBLACKS in english is NOIRSROUGES in french. RED and BLACK would make more sense; in fact, in french they are called: ROUGE et NOIR.


It is not that it is a bad team name like Mighty Ducks or Raptors, it is an inappropriate name.

Would any new team chose Redskins in this modern world?

If I use a pejorative racial term but didn't "intend" to offend that does not mean I was right to do so, or that the group slighted has no right to be offended.

Worst of all, it was an unnecessary choice as there is no way they did not know there was a racial aspect, regardless of their intent, or how well it "tested".

As others have said here and elsewhere, Red and Black (which is what it is in French), or redBlack singularwould have entirely or largely avoided the issue.

It's amazing how adding the one letter "s" to the name stirs things up for sure. I'm glad they kept the "R" in the logo. Pays tribute to the Riders and Renegades. I was hoping they would bring back the Renegades as the name. The nick name worked too, "the gades". Has any group come forward yet to protests the name? Or is it flash in the pan topic of debate for a some and it will blow over? Time will tell I guess.

Anyways, the comment I wanted to make was in reference to GHT120 bringing up the New Zealand All Blacks. My father who is a Kiwi and played rugby growing up told me how the name came to be. A journalist who covered a match wrote how their forwards (the big hogs) could run just as fast as the backs. When it was printed the next day there was a typo. Instead of it saying .......blahblahblah all backs, it appeared as "All Blacks" as the head line. From there, the name just stuck. That's how I'm lead to believe it came to be. A typo of all things.

Something cool the ALL Blacks do is their pre-game ritual on the field to intimidate their opponent. It's a chant/dance like ritual. You tube sometime. It's pretty cool. I don't know any other team in any other sport who does anything like it.

Le Chugg.

Interesting origin of the name. I had assumed it was like the way Laval (Rouge et Or) and Ottawa u (Garnet and Grey - GGs) got their names.

The All Blacks are certainly a formidable team and that ritual is certainly impressive.

Yikes. 28,000+ season tickets sold in saskatchewan. You can argue they have nothing to do there but I wouldn't mind seeing that in Montreal and Toronto someday.

C'est en hausse ou à la baisse?