Alouettes Potential 2023 Free Agents

Jefferson staying with Bombers. Not surprised.


One guy once he is released from his contract the Als should talk to is Dane Evans.



If we can get our own key players re-signed, I don't see that we have too many free agency needs. It's mostly on defense: MLB, DT, and maybe DHB.

Evans a ses bons moments et ses moments difficiles, mais il pourrait être un candidat intéressant. J'ai cependant l'impression qu'Alexander fera mieux que lui.

Si Harris demande trop chère, alors oui il peut une option. Je crois aussi qu'Alexander finirait par prendre le poste mais s'il n'est pas prêt tout de suite, Evans pourrait commencer l'année sans problème

People are hyping Alexander way too hard. We've seen him play for a half of preseason against C-teamers and a half against Toronto's B-teamers in a meaningless late-season game. I like the kid as much as anyone, but let's not carried away.

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The management who really know him are really high on him. Guys like Nathan Rouke and Jake Maier where starter in there 2nd yr in the league like Alexander will be next year, so if he's really the guy he should be able to take the spot if Harris ask to much.

The best scenario would still to have both Harris and Alexander next year and Alexander can still learn under Harris next year and maybe pass him like Maier did in CGY with Mitchell

JMO, of course, but here's why I don't think those comparisons are that useful.

Calgary: Maier received training in one of the most stable systems in the CFL, coached by great offensive minds like Dave Dickenson and surrounded by talent, with a great defense to take the pressure off him. No fired head coaches midseason, no instability, no new playbooks. And even then, he'd have remained on the bench if BLM hadn't started to go downhill fast and forced Dickenson's hand. Calgary is a QB factory; we are not.

B.C.: Rourke is a phenom, the kind of player who comes along once every 10-15 years. I don't think it's productive to think Alexander can be that type of player.

As for management being high on him, what else are they going to say? Every team always gushes about the backup quarterbacks they have. I like Alexander. But I think we need to bring him along the right way, not throw him into no-win situations because of what other teams are doing.

Having said all that, so much will depend on what our coaching staff looks like in 2023 and whether we can re-sign key players like Harris and Lewis.

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That's one of the reason why I don't want either Thorpe or Bolduc as HC. I want a QB guru that will help Alexander development that will know what to do with a young QB. I agree that he's not a sure shot, but he have all the tools that you want in a starting QB

You'll be disappointed, friend, because we know Maciocia would prefer to hire internally and he wants the new HC to keep the existing staff. I too would love a QB guru but I think we'll get middle manager Bolduc instead...

I know, I try to still believe that they will take the best candidate available but inside me, I know you're right.

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The last decade has taught me not to get my hopes up when it comes to the Alouettes. lolsob

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And which candidate do you think would best fill that role - QB guru you mentioned?

In order:

Buck Pierce
Jordan Maksymic

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Marc Trestman too.

Marc Trestman n'a pas développé de quarts, en tout cas dans la LCF. Calvillo et Ray étaient déjà bien ancrés et avaient l'avantage d'avoir un style qui cadrait bien avec celui de Trestman. James Franklin quant à lui a été un désastre. Au mieux il a établi MacBeth comme un partant mais il ne l'a pas développé.


Trestman a develope une systeme pour les points fort de Calvillo.


Certes, ces circonstances étaient celles-là, mais si on regarde en avant saison, il jouait aussi avec l'unité C-. Il a tout de même orchestré des remontées.

Ce que je regarde, c'est la manière dont il mène l'attaque. Il a une bonne vision, il est capable de faire toutes les passes, longues, moyennes, courtes, arquées, directes, et il a une bonne mobilité. Il est capable de bouger tout en regardant le terrain, et il a une bonne précision. Le caucus semble aussi bien interagir avec lui. Il n'a pas la capacité d'esquive d'Adams, et est un moins bon porteur, mais il est plus précis et a plus de bras qu'Adams.

Je pense que ce jeune a un bel avenir dans cette ligue. À lui de le prouver, ce qui n'arrivera pas si on ne lui en donne pas la chance.


Je ne vois pas Trestman revenir dans la LCF

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