Alouettes Potential 2023 Free Agents

I could see that - or possibly Winnipeg to replace Ellignson. But Lions would likely have more money to spend at that position.

Excluding Ahmad Thomas, the Alouettes presently have 21 potential free agents. I doubt that the following potential free agents will be re-signed:
-Micah Awe LB A
-Keishawn Bierra LB A
-Thomas Castigan DL A
-Vincent Desjardins DL N
-Mike Jones WR N
-Greg Reid DB A
-Chris Schleuder OL A
-Michael Wakefield DL A
-Reggie White Jr. WR A
-Jake Wieneke WR A
-Raheem Wilson DB A

If Eugene Lewis decides to sign with another team, then I will not be surprised if Jake Wieneke is re-signed.

The re-signing of Eugene Lewis will not have an impact on attendances nor will the non re-signing of Lewis. The numbers of wins, particularly consecutive, will have positive increases on attendances whereas the numbers of losses, particularly consecutive, will have negative deceases on attendances.

So far, the most negative aspect regarding the Alouettes has been the non signing of Mario Cecchini, President/CEO to a new contract. I still hope that the Estate realize the bad and negative decision they took.



Yeah, attendance is driven by wins. If you win, people will come.

Attendance is driven by wins yes.
However with all that is being mentioned about the state of the organization, how many people are signing up for season tickets right now?

Cecchini gone. Who is drumming up corporate sales right now? Or any type of sales for that matter?

If Lewis, arguably one of their top players, and Harris do not re sign, how many casual fans will want to go watch the beginning of the season?
Some may choose to take the "wait and see" approach.

I disagree that Lewis not re signing will not have an effect on attendance.

The only positive re signing Wieneke is saving some money. He will be a poor man's replacement for Lewis.

Time will tell.

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Oui, mais je pense que si Philpot reste à Montréal, la perte sera d'une moindre amplitude qu'anticipé.

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Reggie White ne peut pas compenser pour Lewis. Il n'est pas du tout du même niveau et je doute qu'il le soit un jour.

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Further to my point about losing Lewis and possible effect on attendance.
The younger generation who the Als (and the CFL for that matter) should be targeting to get into the stands, how many pay attention to the team or the league?

I know of several that could care less. They have no interest in the team or the league.

But they have interest in the NBA, NFL, NHL and even the start up basketball team here that plays in a Canadian league.
Why is that? Marketing? Stability? Player recognition? All three and more?

So if Lewis (key player) and Harris (key player) do not re sign, do you honestly believe this does not have any effect in attendance or interest?
Add in the negative about ownership, this in my opinion, is not helping the cause.

White is three years younger than Lewis. At 26, Lewis wasn't the player he is now either.

Philpot va être avec les Alouettes cette saison aucun doute la dessus mais il va être beaucoup plus surveillé si Geno Lewis n'est plus là. Il va devenir le joueur que les autres équipes vont mettre en double couverture

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and hope

White Jr will be a star in this league. Especially if he has a QB who can get it anywhere on the field and make all the throws spreading the ball around.

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Dave Naylor said he wanted to make it clear that Geno Lewis was not mad at Danny Maciocia. Lewis was upset at ownership because there is nobody in authority at the the top (President). Lewis is also unhappy that he lives in Montreal year-round and wants to help promote the franchise but cannot because the organization structure is not stable.

Naylor asked Trevor Harris to comment on the Alouettes franchise. Harris declined to comment.

Naylor suspects Harris probably re-signs because of his relationship to Danny Maciocia and Jason Maas. If Harris does not, it could be because he also believes the Als are a "bleep show."

Comment étaient les assistances avec Lewis dans l’alignement quand l’équipe perdait? Pas très bonnes.

Si l’équipe gagne, les foules seront au rendez-vous. Le départ de Lewis libérera de l’argent pour d’autres gros joueurs. On a gagné quoi avec Lewis? Pas grand chose.

On December 1,2022 there were 246 potential free agents, including 28 Alouettes; presently, there are still 177 potential free agents; in the past 57 days, only 69 players have re-signed, been released or retired. The remaining 177 by team are:

Amongst the top 30 potential free agents, 5 have been re-signed; the remaining 25 per team are:

-Hamilton- 6
-Saskatchewan- 4
-Toronto- 4
-Calgary- 3
-Montréal- 3 Lewis, Harris and Pickett.
-BC- 2
-Winnipeg- 2
-Edmonton- 1

The next 19 days before opening of free agency should be busy.



And without him, the team does not make the ESF dans mon opinion.


Non, mais il était déjà bien meilleur. Je ne crois pas que White atteindra ce niveau.

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Tout à fait d'accord. On n'a rien gagné avec Lewis parce que l'équipe a été menée en 2 de pique depuis la retraite de Calvillo. Que ce soit avec Popp, Kavis ou l'actuel DG, tout a été tout croche dès que Calvillo est tombé au combat. Sans Lewis ces 2 dernières saisons, les gradins auraient été au quart remplis.

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You could be right. Thing is, we don't know. This is what it means to develop young talent and also what it means to manage your cap effectively. If you're doing your job right as GM, your team is a healthy mix of quality players in their prime getting paid, young players giving you better value than their current contract, and veterans providing experience. At some point, you have to take chances with younger, unproven talent, and that's where you live and die on your scouting.

Lewis took three years to take the next step. S.J. Green and Kerry Watkins weren't instant stars. Good American receivers shouldn't be hard to find. I want Geno back as much as anyone, but if we develop White properly, in three years he could be the next star receiver and we'd have gotten great value out of him during those years.

Ça nous permettrait de signer Fletcher, Worthy…extension à Philpot…Pourrait-on se laisser tenter par Demski?

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