Alouettes Potential 2023 Free Agents

Not denying that. But receiver is a position where we actually have quality depth.

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I don't think so. The only quality guy signed for the upcoming season are Philpot and White Jr. who is rehabing a serious injury. Julien-Grant, Mayala, Lewis and Willwicki are all potential free agents.

If Lewis walks, why wouldn't we re-sign Julient-Grant and Wieneke?

Edit: In any case, I would like Lewis leaving no more than you. But we can't control any of this.

Maybe because the organization is a "shitshow"???

You think every receiver can hit the open market and demand top dollar? Geno is elite. Neither Wieneke nor Julien-Grant is coming off an all-star year.

I'm not going to panic in January.

Wieneke is finished! He has lost a step. I would not sign him. He is slow and cannot get open in man coverage.


I don't think exercising free agency is always about money. Especially in the CFL where the money is pretty much the same whichever team you sign with.

He's a possession receiver, when he's on his game he's a poor man's Cahoon. I see him heading to BC

Granted, but Wieneke would have to take a similar contract or maybe even a paycut plus move to another city, with all the costs that follow. Why would he do that if we make him a fair offer? Could work out well for both parties. We get a cap-friendly contract and maybe he asks for a one-year deal so he can raise his value and get a nice raise next year.

I mean, sure, people could leave. But Sutton and Beverette have re-signed. It's not like everyone is bailing. Let's be patient.

I agree, just pointing out that they are potential free agents so the money saved by not signing Lewis does not mean that the others won't leave either. I think a lot of the issue with the difficutly in signing their receivers has to do with how the Vernon Adams and Khari Jones situation developed.

No argument there. It was handled extremely badly, Vernon especially. I can't remember a comparable situation where the established starter was undermined from the offseason on and lost his spot permanently 1.25 games into the season. Maybe the whole thing with Harris asking for $475k is Maciocia's karma. :smiley:

Personally, I think Geno Lewis should hired an agent to do the negotiations and just stayed behind the scenes and keeping quiet. Whether he is right or wrong about the Alouette situation, he seems to be getting too emotional and saying things that might burn bridges. This is Just my opinion.

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Geno's an emotional guy. He wears his heart on his sleeve. I like that. Would much rather see the real player than some fake-talking hockey-player type with his head down mumbling clichés. As for burning bridges, let's be real. Geno can say whatever he wants. If he decide afterward to re-sign with Montreal, would his words cost him? He'll get paid this year, regardless of which team signs him.

Geno Lewis quotes from Dave Naylor:

“It’s a sh -t how,” he (Geno Lewis) said. “I don’t think everyone is on the same page and I’m not getting any answers. I’ve been saying since the end of the season I want to be more involved in things beyond football but there’s no answers because the top guys don’t have any answers.

“I don’t think getting rid of Mario (Cecchini) was a good thing,” said Lewis, who was named the East Division’s Most Outstanding Player in 2022 after hauling in 91 passes for 1,303 yards and 10 touchdowns.

“I’ve been there for four presidents and he’s the one who’s done the most, having stuff for kids and bringing more people into the stands.”

“It’s all just a waiting game to see what will happen,” said Lewis. “With the ownership, with the president. It’s unfortunate and I hate that it’s happening because it’s hard to recruit other guys. If I can’t give them answers, they are skeptical.”

“For people from the outside looking in, it does look crazy.”

“Right now it’s all a waiting game,” Lewis said. “There’s a couple of things I need to see play-out before I commit to anything, including the quarterback situation.”

“I’ve got to take some time to make sure I cover my back.”

In the hit you posted earlier Lalji says Geno just changed agents.

Article on 3downnation says Lewis represents himself. And for what it is worth, the guy who runs CFLNews Twitter said the same yesterday.

3DownNation‘s Justin Dunk reported that Lewis, who represents himself, has had two lengthy face-to-face meetings with Alouettes’ general manager Danny Maciocia over the past few weeks. Based on what Lewis tweeted on Wednesday, it appears as though negotiations have taken a turn for the worse.

Considering the Owner says anything on his mind, the GM says anything on his mind. Only fair that Geno is entitled to do it. You have a a valid point about representation. The problem in the CFL is that the salaries are so low in comparison that players don't want to pay the commission. handing 15k or 20k of your120k a season and then another 48 percent to the various governments and then your union dues. doesn't leave you much to live on. Certainly nothing you can plan retiring or starting a business on.

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Lots depends on Reggie White

I often wonder just who the tone policing brigade is doing their unpaid work for. :smiley:

Do y'all actually want a game where players mouth cliché 24-7 and no one makes a move without consulting an agent or publicist? Thanks to Geno speaking his mind and people like Naylor paying attention, we at least know something real about the situation, which we sure wouldn't if it were left to Montreal "journalists" to get off their asses and actually dig for a story.

We should be hoping for more of this, not less.

I would prefer Lewis + a US FA then White Jr and Wieneke

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