Alouettes Potential 2023 Free Agents

He wants to get paid, and he's tired of the franchise three-ring circus. I don't blame him. He will have plenty of teams lining up to throw money at him.

But we have depth at receiver. I think we'll be OK.

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He will be a Hamilton Tiger-Cat on Feb. 14.


" Danny - Show me the Moneyyyyyyy"

Il est libre d'aller où il veut. Qu'il quitte s'il n'est pas satisfait. Sera bien remplacé, aucun doute de ma part. C'est un sport d'équipe; d'accord, certains en "apportent" plus, mais le bon fonctionnement/ bonne performance de toute l'équipe est le plus important.

Si Danny croit qu'il ne pourra le re-signer, qu'il le libère.



Hamilton reverted to a community owned franchise at one point so there is a precedent. Private owners grab the headlines but also try the patience of team supporters.

Would like to have translated my post to French but do not have that option

Hopefully the Als will be ok if Lewis does not re sign as some believe.

And aside from him possibly not playing for the Als, will that affect whether or not some fans decide to go to the stadium? Arguably one of their top players.

Add in the uncertainty of Harris right now...

Time will tell.

It's the whole ripple effect of the unknown ownership situation. We all know where the fish rots from.

And we have no idea of the budget Maciocia has been given to work with. Will it be the CFL salary cap ceiling or floor?

Besides Lewis and Harris, still unsigned are Fletcher, Julien-Grant, Pickett, Wieneke, & Worthy.

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En 2023, les équipes de la LCF auront toutes un cap salarial max. de $5,510,000. Si une équipe décide de signer Eugene Lewis à plus de $250,000. ça ne se fera pas en "criant ciseaux"; des décisions difficiles devront être prises et des joueurs pourraient être libérés et/ ou accepter des réductions salariales. Je ne vais pas commencer à spéculer où pourrait "aboutir" Lewis, mais j'exclus définitivement Calgary.

Si Lewis quitte les Alouettes, ceci aurait un impact positif de l'ordre de $150,000 sur le cap salarial de 2023; il serait alors plus facile de re-signer des joueurs tels: Adarius Pickett, Walter Fletcher, Julien-Grant, Chandler Worthy et Jake Wieneke; un ou deux agents libres- non à des prix excessifs- pourraient signer à Montréal.

Dans exactement 20 jours, nous aurons des réponses.


The lost of Lewis will hurt more then some seem to realize. We won't be able to replace him like we can replace Jake Wieneke by exemple. How many big clutch plays he made last season that where extremely important for the Als.


D accord avec toi.

And they will be turning off a fan base that is already fragile.

Whatever they save on Geno's salary they will lose far more business wise.


100 %, he is really implicate in the community and he's great with the fan base.

He's the only star player we have, we can't loose him.

I also feel that if he felt comfortable with the ownership situation he might give the team a "hometown discount" .

But as he sees it's a "bleep show" there is no incentive to stick around.

I'm not saying his absence won't be felt. Of course it will. But he was a target in part because of the limitations of the offense Calvillo was running. Maas will run a better offense with better ball distribution.

At this point, anyone signing is a good signing.

My issue with this type of contract is that Trevor will be a 37 year old QB. What are the Als building??? The answer is NOTHING. If you are going to give blue chip money to a player, he has to be a key component of your building blocks. At 28 Geno fits that bill. Stanback fits that bill. LeStage fits that bill and Philpot fits that bill. That is all the Als currently have that are building blocks of the franchise.

Yes, I agree. You could put Pickett, Sutton, J. Davis, Fletcher, and Dequoy on that list too. But Harris is not the future. And he hasn't done enough in this league to warrant elite QB money. He's basically a slightly better Kevin Glenn.

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And what if they hand him the keys?

He is the top free agent of this year's class.

With the exception of a healthy Stanback, Geno is the only player on that team that can sell a ticket. Losing him might be an even bigger hit on the business office than the field.