Alouettes picks in dispersal draft

OK, guys, I can’t believe no one has started a thread specifically to discuss Als draft choices.

Kai Ellis - DE
Greg Moss - DB
D’wayne Taylor - DB
Brandon Evans - OL
Dwayne Levels - LB
Kenny Smith - DL
David Ashkinaz - OL
Jeremy Pearl - DB
Chris Duncan - WR

Ellis is a good pickup, but I’m really surprised they didn’t pick up Anthony Collier who was still available at the time we picked. Collier was a sacking machine last year and we’re still missing a proven rush end to complement Stewart.

Moss is a great little cover back who gives us more depth at DB, but again, our weakness is on the D-line. We still don’t have a nose tackle and since I’ve never heard of Kenny Smith, I don’t think he’ll be cracking the starting lineup any time soon.

D’Wayne Taylor is another good acquisition. Are they setting up to dump Crutchfield, or is this just a case of bringing in as much competition for the secondary jobs as possible?

We had the chance to reacquire Pat Woodcock but go for ... Brandon Evans? I trust Jim Popp, but this guy had better be good, since our O-line is stellar and doesn’t really need improvement.

What are your thoughts?

The Als definitly add depth on defense. IMO its a solid prudent draft. We'll see some good competition in the training camp. As for Woodcock, i'm quite glad they didnt pick him....I've always find him overated by the media.

I'm reasonably shocked me that Korey Banks was still available for BC at the sixth pic, I would have loved to get him (goodbye Malveaux).....and am shocked that Winnipeg didn't pick him, but what the heck.

Zurkowsky's article in the Gazette explains why Popp took Ellis over Collier, and it makes sense to me. The question now is where we play him. Given the unsettled state of MLB (Johnson who had a bad year last year, and Garrison who was not overly impressive) it would not surprise me that they give Ellis a look-see at MLB instead of DE.

Moss should help, cutting lose Malveaux and Crutchfield would not cost me any sleep, that's for sure.

I won't be shedding any tears if Crutchfield leaves, but I did like Malveaux. He wasn't great on the corner but he was solid at halfback. Ellis at MLB is interesting, although if they really wanted to upgrade, I'm surprised Popp didn't make a pitch for Barrin Simpson when he was available. Taylor is a good LB backup in case of injury.

I like Moss. He fights for the ball and plays larger than his size. Hopefully this means our secondary will be aggressive and physical, jamming receivers at the line of scrimmage.

I think ellis will be tried out at DE opposite Stewart and D’Wayne Taylor at MLB. I do like how this draft went we needed help on defence and thats what we got

Interesting idea mada; I have no love lost for Tugbenyoh, so keeping Ellis at DE would work, but I know nothing about Dwayne Taylor......

D'wayne Taylor (taken from this site yesterday)-Taylor is an exceptional athlete who can cover a large terrain in the secondary. After coming over last season from the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Taylor was dependable, playing in 17 games for the ‘Gades and ranked second on the team in defensive stops with 59. The agile linebacker could be complimentary to a blitzing defence.

Sounds like a pretty good fit for us at MLB

I guess the word would be "satisfied"

We didn't pick up anytbody major but we did get a DE which is what I wanted first. I was kind of secretly hoping to get Banks, especially after seeing he was still available JUST before us!!!

So I guess we have like 100 guys for camp now!! LOL!!

Interesting, the stuff I've read made Taylor out to be competent but not much more. I'm a tad worried about the MLB spot. It needs a physical, old-school type who can stop the run and fulfill his gap-cancellation assignments. He has to be big and strong, unlike the outside LBs who are essentially converted DBs. Garrison hasn't proven he's the answer.

I was really hoping we'd be able to land Collier, but I guess you can't get everything you want. We definitely needed the most help on the defensive side of the ball, and we got it, so I guess I'm satisfied.

Interesting how the Al's have picked all Linemen's in this draft.