Alouettes Open Tryouts

I guess only Jim Popp can answer this, but I`ve always been curious why the Als do not hold tryouts in California.

I know that Edmonton, Hamilton, and B.C. all go there for tryouts.

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I've wondered that myself because California has had some very talented players.

I guess that's why the other teams' net result from open tryouts is usually better than ours. I think a few of our bumbling idiots on our PR last year came from open tryouts. Generally, though, these guys who show up at the open tryouts consist of less athletically developed or less skilled players and they go the these open tryouts out of desperation because the NFL isn't "remotely" interested in their antics to play football nor does the NFL waste their time on them.
I think the NFL has had a few tryouts, but by invitation only and/or only when a specific position is needed.

Si on considère les résultats des Alouettes depuis 2008, je ne suis pas certain que ce soient les autres équipes qui aient la bonne recette.

The "recipe" for our winning team has come from the "ingredients" (experience) of our real players, not from some of those picked up from some open tryout. And I'm pretty sure some of the other teams have had better luck with the results of their open tryouts - maybe because they were in California. I really don't see a lot of reason for these open tryouts anyway.

Wally's BC lions have had success with tryouts, I'm not 100% certain but I believe Buck Pierce came to the team via a try out.

Last season they signed Solomon Elimimian that way.

Not sure about Pierce - would make sense that he was at CA tryout though since he went to NM State, but Elimimian was picked up at tryout in Los Angeles.

I'm just sayin' open tryouts haven't worked too well for the Als.