Alouettes online store finally open!

So we can finally get some stuff online. I need to get a new jersey, sorry AC & BC your old news now, I need something new. In ur guys opinion. Whitaker Richardson or Green? I want to go with Richardson but I just have this feeling hes gonna bolt for more cash elsewhere after this year.

They are full crap, they give 25% off, but they dont mention they charge 10$ for shipping and taxes. Ill wait till next year and buy things at the stadium, thank you! :thdn:

they won't give 25% off next year. you'll still save a bit i think. I'd buy Richardson because he is forever 2010 grey cup MVP and he holds the new cfl record of twelve 100 yard receiving games in a season.

I still have a Copeland jersey to remind me of the 2 TDs he scored in the 2002 grey cup.

Besides the jersey everything else would be cheaper at the stadium next year. The tax and shipping make everything more expensive.

tps is going up to 9,5% in january. the jersey at least might be worth it.

Finally after 10 weeks I received my framed AC 72,382 yd record tableau with game ticket. Beauty.

Gotta give Ray kudos for this kind of stuff that you didn’t have with Smith. :thup:

Hopefully next year he’ll do it with the retiring of Ben Cahoon’s number.