Alouettes Need New Uniforms

The Als are a great team, worthy Grey Cup champions, class of the CFL etc.... but those uniforms. They give the organization the look of a semi-pro team. They are a real dogs breakfast, easily the worst in the CFL and that's saying
a lot.

As the reigning Grey Cup champs they need a better look going forward into their championship season, something worthy of their status. Look at the Canadiens, they've got it right. A classy, dignified uniform that is timeless and iconic.

C'mon Als, you guys are the best in the league, dress like it.

Its all a matter of taste.
I personally like their uniforms and feel there is no need to change!

The Als have the best looking uniforms in the league

I think they are a little too busy myself but by no means ugly. I'd like to see the red turned more to a burgundy, the bright blue replaced by a midnight blue or black and used sparingly, replace white with Silver on the dark uniforms , so a little less bright and a little less cartoons on the helmet a nice flying A would do it for me. No matter how mean they make that little bird look, its still a little bird...

i really like the Als uniforms.
completely unique from the rest of the teams in the CFL, or NFL.

the only thing i dont like, is those red pants the wear from time to time....gross.

They are unique, but that's only cause there so damn ugly.

Not classics that's for sure...

Bring back the uniforms from the past! The outfits worn in retro this year- red, white stripes and the horns on the head piece.

Its all a matter of personal preferance...

I think Hamiltons are ugly!

I love our uniforms, an evolution of the 70's jersey, definitely one of the best in the league.

I liked those as well but I'm afraid I would miss that image of the lark rushing with the football.

I like our unis. They're distinctive.

Which uniform do you want to be changed? Remember that the team went on the field this year with FIVE uniforms. Red, white, blue, black, retro. It is more than any other CFL team.

Myself, I am okay with the red and white ones. If you look closely, the models on those jerseys are different with any other home and away jersey of the other teams. Please keep it that way.

If anything needs to be changed, it is the logo on the helmet. The cartoon character is rather goofy, I think. It is fortunate that the team is good. Otherwise, they will be the butts of CFL jokes. I suggest that the bird image is maintained, but made streamlined. Maybe like Falcons, Seahawks or at least Cardinals.

I could not disagree more. I have loved that logo since they unveiled it when they announced the return of the Als....It has been tweaked a bit over the years but it is essentially the same.

If they need to get rid of something....IMO it should be the black uniforms

The things I dislike most about the uniforms are the pants and the disappearing stripe that goes nowhere. C'mon put a stripe on there that has the strength to make it all the way down the pants, not wimp out halfway. Those stripes also don't match the upper portion of the uniform, which is grid like.

I also don't like the mish mash of colours they alternate all over the place, it makes the team look like there borrowing outfits from other teams, maybe a local high school.

The idea of the fierce little animal logo is a boring cliche done to death all across N. America.

Putting MONTREAL on the front isn't a bad idea and could work on a better looking uniform.
Maybe they should put ALOUETTES on the home jersey and MONTREAL on the away jerseys.

Like the stripe tht Hamilton has that makes it look like a bib?

Much better to be like Hamilton and have only one!
How original

Maybe you could worry about your teams uniform and not ours :roll:

Like the ferocious Tiger cat on Hamilton's helmet!

IMO the black should burned. The idea that keeps popping in my mind is use the winged helmet with our current unis.
I really liked them, I am not sure it would work but ...

I don't like the TiCat uniform either, they should go back to their sixties look.
These are the uniforms I like, Toronto home and away, Sask. retro and BC retro.

What are you talking about? They do.



Well, maybe we agree to disagree. I like all of their uniforms. All five of them. One other thing that I like about them is they are all different. If you see Riders' uniforms, all are green, except the white away one. I can not readily differentiate one from the other.

SSK played retro uniforms this year....I could never tell the difference

I always thought that the black uniforms got a bad rap as well. Sure, they are not as nice as the standard home jerseys, but they are OK.