Adrian McPherson wants to be a starting quarterback in the CFL.

To that end, the Alouettes backup has asked for a trade out of Montreal to escape the shadow of future Hall of Famer Anthony Calvillo.

"I keeping hearing that I'm the future," McPherson told The Montreal Gazette. "I understand the future may be five years from now. Nobody likes to sit and wait. I want to play"

Last season, McPherson completed 49 of 72 passes for 506 yards and six touchdowns in a mop-up role for the 37-year-old Calvillo. He also carried the ball 61 times for 351 yards and two majors.

The Florida State product is entering his third season in the CFL.

A move to the West Division would appear to be out of the question with Ricky Ray, Henry Burris Darian Durant and the tandem of Buck Pierce and Jarious Jackson already entrenched.

In the East, the Tiger-Cats recently re-signed both Kevin Glenn and Quinton Porter which leaves the rebuilding Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Toronto Argonauts as the only viable options for McPherson to compete for a starting position.

Journeyman Michael Bishop finished the year as the starter in Winnipeg while Kerry Joseph has struggled in his two years in Toronto. Both teams will also enter next season with new coaching staffs which may be interested in bringing in a new quarterback.

There is a possibility that Alouettes' offensive coordinator Scott Milanovich could become the Argonauts' next head coach, which could open the door for McPherson.

he's getting impatient, which is not good.

clearly he has shown he's not ready.

That's exactly it, he's not ready.Of course he put in good numbers in like 1 and a half games, he has the best OL, best WR core, best FB and a top 3 RB to work with.If he get's traded to the argos or bombers, that will definitely not be the case.He's a good backup and a great 3rd and 1 guy but that's it at the moment.

It was his decision to sign an extension in 2009 so he's got no one to blame for this now but himself. If he had doubts as to whether he was going to get playing time or not then he shouldn't have signed that extension.

...there's nothing wrong with signing an extension and then asking for a trade, if anything he is honouring his current employer by doing so as now the Als can get something in return for his value....and I wouldn't be so quick to write this guy off, 'clearly he has shown he is not ready', really?...when did Darian Durant clearly show he WAS ready?, when he was given a chance that's when...being backup to AC, going in on third and one and maybe the odd opportunity when you're winning the game a bazillion to nothing are hardly opportunities to show your actual worth, IMO...

Well in his defense he likely was offered a raise for taking backup duties from Brady but in exchange for the raise the Als wanted something and that would be the extension. The last two seasons Calvillo has gone from being called finished to he can play another five years. So in fairness that also may also affect how Adrian see's his future with the team.

Als also have Chris Leak who is very, very well liked in the organization. The question becomes how does giving in to Adrian's request for a trade help Adrian and the ball club ? Helping one of your division rivals is only interesting if you can turn around to your fans and show something phenomenal in return. Is there a will from interested parties to part with two or three draft picks or premium young players to acquire Adrian ?

Something tells me Adrian's agent was approached because I don't think he would pull this card if he wasn't sure another team was prepared to offer him a QB1 position. All I can say is he should keep his business between him and Jim...

This kind of reminds me of the Aaron Rodgers-Brett Favre situation. Interesting…

Very much so, the difference is the Als are sticking behind their vet instead of the young Buck. It is a gamble either way.

Id stick with my vet too! you can't just suddenly drop the MOP for a guy who really isn't a proven starter!

No argument here, but I suspect the Als will hang on to Adrian considering their starter is 37. Green Bay would have too if they could have fit both salaries in.

All backup QB's want to be a starter, but demanding trades is not the way to do it. There are only 7 other teams in the CFL and none of them would want McPherson as a starter, and probably not even a backup as most teams are chock-full of QB prospects. He should just dummy-up and wait for his opportunity. Revealing yourself as a malcontent is no way to gain favour in a old-boys-network league like the CFL :roll:

And if Favre hadn't flip-flopped.

Personally, I don't blame Adrian. No one wants to sit on the bench for half of his career, which is exactly what'll happen if he stays in Montreal.

[rant] One thing I can't stand is athletes overstaying their welcome. Brett Favre is a perfect example. He did sweet nothing for the Jets... In fact, he hurt them more than he helped them. Now he's with the Vikings, and I'd put money on the Cowboys beating them this weekend. You look at Shaq... the guy's been jumping from team to team for the last few years. Now he's with the Cavs averaging 11 ppg, 7 rpg, and 1 bpg, all career lows! So much for winning a ring for the "King." Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying AC is as washed up as these guys... but he will start to drop eventually. He is 37 after all. Just retire and make room for the future. [/rant]

I don't agree..

if he's still capable of playing to his potential.. why make him move on? unless suddenly someone with amazing skills and ability comes in and totally wows them, he'll be the starter for 2010.. possibly 2011... who knows.

Then they should trade McPherson.

Edit: BTW, I wasn’t saying the Als should force AC to retire. My point is I wish these guys would learn when to call it a career.

no I understand, i'm sure he will when he notices he has lost a step.

like Kent Austin did, his arm was no longer anything like it used to be and sure enough he retired.

I certainly hope so, man...

I read a rumour the other day about Kurt Warner retiring after this season, and I think it's the right move. He could probably play for a couple more years, but he was never the future of the franchise. That's Matt Leinhart. Warner gave the Cards a few good years, but now it's time to give Leinhart another crack at the starting job. If he's good, all right; Arizona has its new QB. If he's bad... Well, that's a risk you gotta take. But I don't think they should lose patience. You look at Rodgers' first year. The Packers finished 6-10, but they didn't give up on him. And if McPherson is traded, I think the team he goes to should be patient, as well. He's not going to light up the league in his first season. And that's kind of one thing that annoys me a little bit about the CFL... there doesn't seem to be a rebuilding mentality. Every team wants to be a contender every year.

Long story short, I think McPherson should be traded if AC plans to stick around for the next 2-3 years, and the team that grabs Adrian should be patient.

Since McPherson joined the Als I don't recall there being talk that AC was washed up (he dispelled that notion pretty quickly in 2008). I don't really see what has changed regarding AC's future between July and now. I don't recall hearing any talk that AC was thinking of hanging it up (wishful thinking by some but nothing from him saying he was considering it). I can also recall seeing articles in the media before McPherson signed the extension saying McPherson would be the most sought after FA in 2010. If he wanted more money or more playing time then signing the extension seems not the smartest thing to have done in retrospect because he likely could have gotten more money as an FA and a better shot at being a #1 QB somewhere else.

No questions about it, the Argos must trade for him if available. question the Bombers should go after McPherson.... i've seen enough of the guy to see the next starring qb. in this league.....could end-up being a bidding war argotom....the question is?????how much is he worth????With both of the Bomber /Argo management staff in limbo....who could even put together a deal at this point ..... one that would please the incoming staff....Lots of questions on this one.... :roll: :roll:

You may be right pappy.
This guy in my opinion is the real deal the "next one" in the wave of much needed upcoming QB's.
He has it all, the physical stature, ability to run and a very accurate arm.
And to me the other very important intagible factor, his presence as a leader.
Since the Argos are so screwed up with the scouting and have no depth at QB, yes way below the BB, I would trade for him and basically give the Als whatever they want and if completed, sign him to a multi year at least 3+1 contract.