Alouettes @ Lions

I just thinking... I almost feel bad for the Lions. Last week they had to face the Bombers, and Fred Reid and Bernard rushed for well over 300 yards. Now tonight they have to face Larry Taylor (on returns) and Avon Cobourne. They better hope the run defence plays better, otherwise things could get ugly in a hurry! :lol:

Apparently BC learned their lesson and don't feel like licking wounds again this week.. they are giving MTL a game!!

Either Turkey is right and the Als are jet lagged, or the Lions have found some game they haven't had 'til now. We'll see in the second half obviously, but so far so good for the Lions!

Yup, the first half was great, close game, Leos playing well on both sides of the ball. D-line and O-line played well in the first half.

Hopefully they can keep it up and win this one.

Yeesh... Anyone else being put to sleep by this game? :lol: Aside from the botched snap that was returned for a TD, there hasn't been a whole lot of excitement.

At least B.C.'s defence is playing better. In fact, we're seeing a complete role reversal. The Lions have rushed for over 100 yards, and the Als have rushed for a whopping 12 yards. :?

How can the video judge rule there was a fumble when the play was clearly whistled down prior to the fumble. Regardless of whether there was an early whistle, once the whistle blows, the play is dead. Players let up when the whistle blows, clearly Jake (white cane) Ireland, blew it again.

When they showed the replay, I thought the whistle blew seconds after the ball came out.

Thank God I'm a country boy
...blaring at BC Place


How many times are they going to make Montreal convert on 3rd down here?! :lol:

what the hell is this?!?!?!?!

the league officials trying to screw the als!

3 times 3rd and 1, and take away a TD for no reason????

what a joke!!!!

( keep doing 3rd and 1 'til BC stops them )

What a joke. First a flag is thrown. Then Murray Clark says there wasn't a penalty, but that the booth wants to review the play. Then he comes back and says the Montreal TD is wiped out because they have to reset the clock to one minute. What the hell is going on over there? Montreal just got screwed big time!!! :roll:

WOW… did Montreal EVER get eff’d there… WTF was that shiat???

Thank you CFL officials for giving this game to BC :thdn: Completely ridiculous

Lots of screwing up tonight, both ways.

Someone has to left accountable for this officialting tonight

Not a fan of either team but my god someone needs to pay for that. 2 runs called back without reason and the phantom flag has to be the absolute worst officiating mistake I think i have ever seen. The League actually took away the tie. In the CFL can teams actually appeal the outcome?

Classic CFL officiating. Nicely done.

Up until the last half minute or so I thought that the refs were bending over backwards for the Al's.

I wouldn't say the Als were screwed out of a win, but at the very least, this game should be going into OT.

It was my understanding that B.C. called a timeout right before the ball was snapped on the first 3rd and 1. Everything after that was total crap.

this almost makes me want to never watch the CFL ever again.