Alouettes keeping starting QB under wraps !

Als are keeping options open of who will get the call to lead the team friday… Both are healthy, both are practicing :slight_smile:

That’s the way to do it :smiley:

He he he. :cowboy: keep 'em guessing. i wouldn't be surprised if both were used in the game.

Is it Possible that AC is not starting and the whole AC is fine talk was a trick to fool the Bombers? Who took first team reps on Wednesdsay?

Is Mcpherson starting?

I''m flying to Winnipeg from BC to watch this first place SHOWDOWN and I was hoping to see AC play as I only get to see him once a year IN BC.

Its always good to see the leagues best QB, and no offense to Mcpherson but I booked my ticket and I want to see AC playing in this game--

I hope that AC is really playing as I am flying there to see AC!

No one knows. They both split reps 50/50 at practice... :slight_smile:

Winnipeg is doing the same thing. Pierce ran all of practice on the offense and Naylor tweeted Brinx is starting :roll:

I should hope so as well. Good luck with the bomber fans, they're a swaggery bunch :twisted: .

Si Calvillo s’entraîne à pleine puissance, c’est que les deux quarts peuvent être partants.

Dans ce cas, on peut penser que Trestman va opter pour partir avec Calvillo. Les Alouettes gagnent lorsqu’ils prennent une avance en première demie. Si à la demie les Alouettes ont une avance de 30 points, il pourrait donner la deuxième à McPherson. mais il faut avouer que les chances d’avoir une avance de 30 points à la demie contre Winnipeg sont minces. Il ne faut pas perdre de vue que leur défensive accorde peu de points. Donc même si leur attaque est affligée, encore faut-il marquer plus qu’eux.

Attendons-nous donc à voir Calvillo jouer vendredi, et à ce que la meilleure défensive gagne la partie.

À moins que, si… Bishop, peut-être… alors là… :wink:

Riddle me this:
If AC starts and he doesn't do anything in the 1st half
Say he looks befuddled by the intense pass rush like he has a few games this year

Does McPherson get the 2nd half then?
Should he?
If we're down by 30 points?
20 points?

Who knows which is the more likely scenario
With the Als offence being great one week and anemic the next
Does last week count as a "great"
Even though AC was KO'd?

Time for some armchair coaching


My vote is yes, give him the second half if we're down at all. . .

Now Herb reports AC’s been kept out of practise Wednesday
It’s really only his leg
But bye the bye…Calvillo really did suffer a concussion

Are the Alouettes blowing smoke?
Giving McPherson every chance to win the game
If he should start?

It’s one of the few times in life
You don’t mind being lied to
If they’re lying

I’m thinking AD gets the start Friday
…or not


Damn I dont know what to do. Should I cancel my ticket and go to the 2nd game where Montreal plays Winnipeg in 2 weeks? That way AC will be playing for sure I would think.

This is ridiculous, Trestman and Calvillo have assured that he is starting, but there seems to be some doubts?

I have the following concerns that I think AC could sit out and I will waste my time going to Winnipeg to watch 2 backups and miss the LEGEND himself throw for one of the last opportunities to see the greatest QB in the CFl in the past 20 years--

  • Overselling Calviilo's injury- first he was fine, he didnt suffer a concussion, then he did suffer one, he kept saying he is fine-
  • Calvillo not practicing on Wednesday-

Wondering if Trestman knew that all along that AC would sit, so he tries to say that he is FINe, he didnt suffer a concussion ,he is feeling perfect, he is better than ever, to trick TIM BURKE winnipegs D coordinator to prepare for him--
Then they have CALVILLO take 1st team reps on Tuesday to further FOOL the bombers and then BURKE will solely prepare for CALVILLO--

Then Mcpherson comes in Wednesday and practices and then BURKE doesent know who is playing or who to prepare for? Perhaps it makes BURKE choose on who to PREPARE FOR? Does he believe that AC is starting and prepare for AC? If so then the winny D will not be prepared for a running threat like MCPHERSON?

TRESTMAN and CALVILLO have claimed they are not lying and they have credibility, but then again Trestman and Calvillo also lied by saying Calvillo didnt suffer a concussion. Either you did or didnt, its not something that you can get wrong either way--

I am dissapointed in Trestman and the ALS, because as a FAN of the CFL and the ALS this does not give me a good feeling and allow me to get on the flight and know that I can say AC PLAY?

I just want to know that AC is in fact playing and this is not some kind of trick to drive TIM BURKE crazy-

My gut is telling me that AC was never going to start and they will just say on gameday that he suffered a headache or was dizzy and that AD starts?

Or I might be paranoid, and perhaps AC's leg was hurt and they were giving AD some reps to get him more time in case he needs to come in--

HELP needed -- A PARANOID AC FAN, who is going to see the legend play, but might see AD PLAY instead!

Does anyone know if Trestman is credible, is he known to play games?

J'ai vaguement l'impression que les deux quarts vont jouer de toute façon. Si Calvillo avait eu une commotion cérébrale, il n'aurait pas pratiqué à plein régime mardi. Et sincèrement, pensez-vous un seul instant que dans les circonstances, Burke ne va pas préparer son équipe pour toutes les éventualités? Il sait qu'il est possible que ce soit McPherson autant qu'il est possible que ce soit Calvillo. Il DOIT préparer son équipe en fonction des deux, au même titre que Tibesar doit préparer l'équipe à ce que tant Pierce que Brink puisse débuter ce match, avec une prédominance pour Pierce. En ce qui le concerne, ce n'est pas une blessure aux côtes qui va l'empêcher de commencer une partie, mais ça pourrait l'empêcher de la terminer.

À la réflexion, je ne m'attends pas à une partie facile à Winnipeg.

Guru, I think you're going a bit far by saying Trestman lied. Don't forget: Trestman isn't a doctor. Calvillo was knocked out by the hit and they kept him out of the game as a precaution, but since he experienced no typical concussion-related side-effects the days afterward, it seemed like it wasn't a concussion. Now we know differently. Concussions aren't created equal and both players and coaches can certainly be mistaken in their initial, untrained diagnoses. How many times has a player said he's fine after a hit, only to find a few days later that in fact he isn't fine? That's not lying, that's just the reality that players aren't doctors.

In his time as our head coach, Trestman has shown that he is extremely protective of Calvillo. If there were any risk to Anthony playing, he wouldn't play. FYI, Calvillo didn't get first-team practice time on Wednesday because of a lingering leg injury that sometimes flares up. It's not the first time he's opted out of practice.

My gut feeling is that Calvillo will start and play most, if not all, of the game.

As for LeStaf's point about Burke's preparation, if you split time preparing for two different quarterbacks, you'll be less prepared for each one individually. There are only so many hours in a practice week and you can't prepare for everything.

Either way Guru you can't go wrong... but this is a battle for first place with pretty good weather. If it was me, I would keep my plans as is....

C'est très juste. Mais en même temps, Burke peut préparer son équipe à un certain nombre de jeux défensifs qui conviennent mieux à la défensive contre McPherson et qui peuvent être utiles pour la défensive contre Calvillo. Ces jeux peuvent ne représenter qu'une petite partie de ceux qui sont pratiqués au cours de la semaine, mais ils peuvent avoir leur utilité.

Avec ce que j'ai lu, on peut tenir pour acquis que Pierce sera à la barre des Blue Bombers au début de la partie, et que Calvillo sera le quart partant pour les Alouettes. Pierce a affirmé que ses douleurs aux côtes ont diminué, et sans être catégorique (histoire de laisser germer un doute chez les adversaires), LaPolice a indiqué qu'il avait trouvé que Pierce semblait à l'aise dans les pratiques, mais qu'il réévaluerait son cas au jour le jour. Comme Brink n'a pas eu le plus grand nombre de jeux durant les pratiques, on peut compter que Pierce débutera la partie.

Hey there Guru
I'm really sorry to hear about your dilemma
And completely understand your wish to catch a slice of history
As AC marches inexorably towards all-time greatness.

As an Alouettes fan first, however
I can't help being impressed
By the effect a simple misdirection might have on the opposition

McPherson is arguably ready to lead this team
A few "plug n plays" and this offence can be adapted to his skills
While retaining every bit of it's potency under Calvillo

I can only imagine the fits this will cause defensive coordinators
It's doubtful any team can properly prepare for both
And for all we know McPherson is the decoy to make life easier for AC
which is a nice asset too

While the situation has been forced on the team by Cavillo's head injury
It's obvious that all the preparation AD has made over the years
And the obvious effort he's gone through to keep himself prepared
May put him and the team in an unique position
To use the dual threat as a weapon on a more consistent basis
Moving forward

Trestmanovitch will be touted as geniuses if McPherson can perform up to expectations
And Anthony can accept a diminished role
once the record has fallen...perhaps

Again...sorry Guru for the distress all this has caused you
But personally...I can only see it as an exciting time to be an Alouettes fan
1st place on the line
And 2 great quarterbacks to choose from

Go Als!!!

In an interview with AC it seems obvious he'll play:

[url=] ... D=10294928[/url]

Although he did say that if anything comes up he'll sit out
And the Trestman interview is revealing only in it's obfuscation
(at least that's how I hear it)
So "who knows" I guess.

My instincts tell me
That if McPherson is taking all the reps
Last practise before the biggest game of the far
It's likely he's starting
But don't hold me to it
It's just a guess.

Absolutely. Combine that with Bombers are unsure who will be the starting QB, Reid is out, it should prove to be a great game. :rockin:

Thanks guys for all of your efforts, I am going to the game, everything points to AC playing, I hope to see him TOMORROW, then at home vs BC to close the season-

2 AC's in 6 weeks would be amazing to see, as in both games it will be huge games for MTL--

I think I was just paranoid after I read on here that the ALS like to keep teams guessing on who is starting and will try to trick TIM BURKE- However after thinking about it I dont think that the ALS would do all of this and start AD, as they would not look good knowing that they mislead everyone saying AC would play and by playing MCPHERSON instead-- It doesent seem like a former lawyer like TRESTMAN would do something like that -- AC is healthy enough to practice so that does mean he has no SYMPTOMS otherwise he wouldnt be doing physical activity like taking 1st team reps--

I will be cheering bigtime tomorrow, however I will not be wearing any ALOUETTE gear for fear of BEING ROUGHED UP, I will just cheer and keep a low profile.


Si je comprends bien, les suporteurs de toutes les autres équipes peuvent porter leurs couleurs à Montréal sans se faire rudoyer mais les supporteurs des Alouettes seraient en danger de le faire ailleurs?

On peut porter les couleurs des Roughriders, des Blue Bombers, des Timinous, des Eskimos, des Lions, des Stampeders et même des Argonauts dans tous les stades de la ligue, mais pas ceux des Alouettes?

Voyons donc! Qu'est-ce qui laisserait à penser que les supporteurs des Blue Bombers sont des sauvages ou des ouligans? Affichez-vous, que diable! Auriez-vous honte d'être un supporteur des Alouettes?

J'ai ete une seule fois a Winnipeg et je portais meme pas rien d'alouettes et au debut du 4e je devais quitter mon siege de peur et ils gagnaient en plus. Quand t'es en gang ou t'es un beef en mesure de te defendre ca va sinon oui il faut faire attention la-bas, surtout s'il perdent :wink: .

I second your call GG. Hopefully you'll celebrate on the plane back.